Bestial diet, and other crazy ways to lose weight

Скотская диета и другие бредовые способы похудения

Modern diet and nutrition system seem to be just fabulously good, compared to what happened in the past…

The selection of the most stupid diets in the entire history of mankind. You can never repeat it.

Bestial diet

One doctor invented a special drink made from the hooves and tendons of slaughtered animals. Such a fluid disgusted to any meal. The slimming effect was clear. But soon these diet banned.

Wine diet

In the 11th century, William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and king of England, was so stout that won’t fit in the saddle. That is why he decided that he urgently needed to lose weight. That came up with a wine diet. Naturally long in this mode it is not reached, fell from the saddle, was wounded and soon died. A generation of women tried to lose weight with this diet, but all to no avail.

Vinegar diet from Byron

In the early 19th century in one of the absurd diets was noted by Lord Byron. He was a man of large size. The doctor advised him not to eat meat and exercise, but Lord it didn’t help. He decided to soak food in vinegar, which was dissolving inside his fat. To lose weight Byron has not yet died. The autopsy showed that vinegar had worn out all his organs.

Cigarette diet

In the early 20th century, the world was captured by the idea of losing weight. Appeared information about the fact that Smoking is very good for health. And away, losing weight has started to replace regular food with cigarettes.

Скотская диета и другие бредовые способы похудения

Vata for weight loss

Fans of this diet claimed that the wool need to eat the food, pre-soaked in gelatin. Losing weight noted, that the wool is well saturated in fiber and help to moderate the appetite. Of course, this way anyone failed to lose weight.

Parasites among us

Want to lose weight — eating tapeworms. This diet experienced Maria Callas and quickly lost weight. Worms grow up to 9 meters in length and eat everything eaten by man — along with the stomach and other internal organs.

Soap diet

In the 19th century some brave people decided that, lather the soap can get rid of subcutaneous fat. Delusional this diet is just beyond us.

Bulk diet

The essence of this diet was the fact that it is necessary to eat foods that crumble, such as, salt or sugar.

Diet goldfish

Eating live goldfish, desperate people hoped she would take all the contents of the stomach. Were recorded results of weight loss, but it turned out that to lose weight was possible thanks to the parasites, which were in the fish.

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