Bacteria on the gadget: tips on how to clean the phone

Бактерии на гаджете: советы, как почистить телефон

The smartphone is home to thousands of harmful bacteria that you want to delete.

On the phone accumulates a lot of bacteria. Even the case is not able to fully prevent the ingress of debris, dust and bacteria under the cover of the phone, between the buttons, and at the joints.

We are not called upon to give the phone to the dry cleaner, and give advice on how to wash it at home:

1. Unplug the phone from power source before starting to clean it.
2. Take a soft, lint free cloth, it is useful to wash gadget.
3. Dampen the area of the fabric with water, but make sure she was barely moist and start to wipe the screen.
4. Sticks for ears, you can treat hard to reach places.
5. You can dampen the cloth or cotton swab with ethyl alcohol, which actively fights bacteria.
6. If you have no alcohol, replace it with a solution of vinegar and distilled water. The proportion should be 1:1.

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