Alain Shoptenko told which country will give birth to her firstborn

Алена Шоптенко рассказала, в какой стране будет рожать первенца

The famous Ukrainian dancer and choreographer Alain Shoptenko, which for the first time will become a mother at the end of may – beginning of June, said, about to give birth to a son.

Very soon Alain Shoptenko for the first time will become a mother. The birth of first child for a choreographer, as for any woman, a very special moment.

The actress has already talked about how to prepare for a baby and told reporters about their fears and hopes. And now Alain has shared, which will give birth to her first son.

Алена Шоптенко рассказала, в какой стране будет рожать первенца

Alain Shoptenko

Creative, but pragmatic, Shoptenko to leave and her pregnancy decided to get creative and act, listening to my intuition. So she said that will organize the life of a newborn without a list and a long and painful choice.

What can be said about choosing the clinic that will be labor. The actress has long weighed all “for” and “against”, and finally chose the place where is born her baby. Shoptenko, said that he would not follow fashion trends, and is going to give birth in Ukraine.

“I think in Ukraine there are all conditions for normal, safe and comfortable birth without fear. I’ve already made a list of everything you need, everything is calculated”, — said the choreographer in a candid interview with Viva!.

Earlier, Alain Le Shoptenko frankly told about the pregnancy, beloved husband, their joys and fears. And also graced the cover of a glossy magazine.

Watch the video, in which Alain Shoptenko showed a touching dance with your baby:

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