A stunning calendar that will change your life

Потрясающий календарь, который изменит вашу жизнь

The author of the blog Wait But Why, Tim urban a few pictures, explained why it is important to prioritize and to appreciate every moment. Don’t be too demanding of life, socialite happiness for yourself and take the time to enjoy it. Live consciously!

Daily chart shakes my imagination as much as the schedule for weeks. Each of these points is just another Tuesday, Friday or Sunday. But even the man who was lucky enough to survive until the 90th anniversary, will easily be able to fit all the days of your life on one sheet of paper. Will present a calendar of human life.

Over the years:

Потрясающий календарь, который изменит вашу жизнь


Потрясающий календарь, который изменит вашу жизнь

And weeks:

Потрясающий календарь, который изменит вашу жизнь

But while I was writing about life in weeks, I thought about something else.

Instead of measuring life in units of time, you can measure it in any actions or events. Bring yourself as an example.

I am 34 years old. Let’s superoptimist and say that I’ll be spending time here, making schematic drawings, until I turn 90. If so, have less than 60 winters:

Потрясающий календарь, который изменит вашу жизнь

I thought about my parents, who are now more than 60. For the first 18 years I spent time with my parents in at least 90% of their days. Since I went to College and moved from Boston, I usually see them five times a year, on average, two days at a time. Ten days in a year. It’s only 3% of the number of days that I spent with them during his childhood.

As it is now seventh decade, let us continue to be optimistic and say that I am one of those incredibly lucky people whose parents are still alive, when I turn 60. This gives us about 30 years of coexistence. If you continue to see them for 10 days in a year, this means that ahead of me 300 days I can spend with mom and dad. That’s less than I spent with them a year before my 18th birthday.

When you look at reality, you realize that despite the fact that you are still far from death, you can be very close to the end of his time with some of the most important people in my life.

So that gives us this information?

Ignoring a secret hope that technological progress will allow me to live up to 700 years, I see here three major findings:

  1. It is important to live where the people you love. I spend about 10 times more time with the people who live in my town than people who live somewhere else.
  2. It is important to prioritize. Your remaining personal time with a specific person depends on where this person is on your priority list. Make sure that this list be yourself and not unconsciously moving by inertia.
  3. What matters is the quality time spent. If you have less than 10% of the time with someone you love, keep this fact in mind when you are next to him. Spend this time remembering what it really is: a great value.
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