5 good reasons not to get married in may, or is it all old wives ‘ tales

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5 серйозних причин не виходити заміж в травні, чи  це все бабусині казки

Since ancient times, people have believed that those who marry in may will be a lifetime to suffer. Or really have reason not to do a wedding in may and why?

Of course, the most important thing in marriage or not getting married in what season were played the wedding, and who you chose to mate for life, reports Rus.Media.

And yet folk wisdom has some merit. So, why is it better not to set a wedding date on the last month of spring?

Folk omens.

Signs of people talking about the may wedding: “Good people do not marry in may”, “would like to marry, Yes, may not allow it.” It is also believed that those who marry in may will soon see treason in your own home. Folk superstitions arose due to the wisdom and observation of our ancestors and had some justification.

The subconscious.

Of course, you can brush off superstitions and say that it’s all old wives ‘ tales and you do not believe in omens. Even so, your subconscious mind might settle a little worm of doubt that will sharpen you from the inside out, programming that your marriage is at risk.

Wedding is one of the key turning points in human life, which depends on how the rest of his fate. So whether or not initially to program yourself for failure?

Food for evil tongues.

Even if you don’t think about what may unfavorable month for marriage. You about it will definitely remind you. You’ll tire of explaining to friends his decision and make excuses for relatives. This topic will come up in every conversation about your wedding. The most loyal will tell you about what you are doing correctly, because they don’t believe in that stuff, more superstitious – you will begin to talk and tell Ghost stories.

The biological aspect.

May is the month when everything is changing rapidly and blooms. With drastic changes in are some biological aspects – for example, the jumps in atmospheric pressure, or sudden changes in temperature. Therefore, possible deterioration of health and mood swings, especially in women, who are more weather-sensitive. Therefore, it is not the best time to get married.

Psychological aspect.

Summer we perceive as the long-awaited time holidays and vacations, liberty and travel. This is not the best time for any serious undertakings and obligations. In the summer do not want to deal with everyday life and search for compromises in communication. Isn’t it better to spend the summer on the possibility carefree, and to plan the wedding to end in August?

And yet, despite all these caveats – if you are sure you met the person you want to spend many more happy years and decided to get married, not to lose it. Wish you happiness and love!

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