14 days until summer: Anita Lutsenko launched a new marathon

14 дней до лета: Анита Луценко запустила новый марафон

Famous fitness trainer continues to hone a beautiful figure. This time Anita holds a marathon two weeks before the beginning of the summer that the girl was able to break into the beach season.

TV presenter and fitness coach Anita Lutsenko announced rules for the marathon, “14 days until the summer” where girls, overcoming your addiction to tasty but harmful food, will form the figure of your dreams.

Rules from Anita Lutsenko

• three meals a day;

• snack in the form of fruit or yoghurt;

• in the intervals between meals not eating anything;

• the most dense eating lunch.

• weight of each portion does not exceed 350 grams;

• exclude: alcohol, bread, coffee with milk, and all sweet (1 teaspoon of honey a day), sugar, fried and fatty;

• to include in the diet: vegetables and greens, fruit (no more than 2 pieces a day until 16:00), dairy products (natural yoghurt, 200 ml), yogurt (200 ml ), cottage cheese (no more than 40 grams per day), berries, fish, lean meat, eggs, cereals (buckwheat, oats, bulgur, quinoa, basmati rice, polenta, millet), nuts (no more than 6 units per day);

• eat after 20:00;

• daily walk — at least 10 thousand steps.

14 дней до лета: Анита Луценко запустила новый марафон

Anita Lutsenko

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