10 predictions of Rasputin, half of which have already come true

The old man was able to look into the future.

10 прогнозів Григорія Распутіна, половина з яких уже збулася

A close family friend of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II was an ordinary peasant who was able to get in tight with the ruling family thanks to the skills of a magician and healer, reports Rus.Media.

His persona has always been shrouded in gossip and speculation, especially because he kept interest in his own person, always intricately answering any questions.

Even his death is shrouded in mystery and terrible witnesses. It is therefore not surprising that some people consider Rasputin a Saint and worthy of canonization, and the other to the devil.

But just to say that Rasputin could predict the future: he predicted not only his death, but wars, epidemics and disasters that occurred after his death. But there are predictions that have yet to come true. Look at the 10 most interesting of them.

10 прогнозів Григорія Распутіна, половина з яких уже збулася

1. The dead from the Royal family

Rasputin saw two versions of his death and the subsequent future: or he’ll be killed by simple peasants-the robbers and then the Romanovs would rule for centuries to come, or he will perish at the hands of the nobles and then there will be strife, fratricidal war and the death of the Royal family.

Fulfilled the second prophecy: the nobles fed Rasputin poisoned cakes, then shot in the back, and later tied the corpse and drowned in the river.

Long before the assassination of the Royal family, Rasputin felt their death. Embracing the king and his wife, Gregory felt like holding in the hands of the dead.

10 прогнозів Григорія Распутіна, половина з яких уже збулася

2. The collapse of the Empire

Harbinger before the year 1917 told about the imminent arrival of the new government, the mountains of corpses and bathed in blood the Neva. “In Petersburg the darkness settles, and when the name of the city will change — fall Empire”, wrote Rasputin. Looks like he saw an even more distant future and predicted the Stalinist repressions.

3. There is a great war

Rasputin bitterly noted that the Orthodox faith turns out that grace disappears, and it will get worse. “Many will die and there will be nobody to bury the dead. And will go to people knee-deep in blood. And then will come the war.” Likely, the prophet was talking about the Second world war.

10 прогнозів Григорія Распутіна, половина з яких уже збулася

4. Living things die

He called for the destruction of nuclear power plants and the further radiation contamination of the territory. Rasputin said that there will be tower of death, some of them “burst and rotten blood flows from the wounds, poisoning all living things, earth and air.” It is assumed that it was about the Chernobyl accident of 1986, and the 2011 accident at the Japanese NPP Fukushima-1.

5. A soulless creation

Gregory wrote about cloning. He told about the imminent birth of “monsters, not like people or animals do not have souls and umbilical cord”. As we have seen, experiments in this direction have already been carried out (you may remember the cloned sheep Dolly).

Scientists are increasingly talking about a quick opportunity to raise your children in the order of parents — selected appearance, devoid of any predispositions to hereditary diseases.

10 прогнозів Григорія Распутіна, половина з яких уже збулася

6. And become the man beast enemy

According to the seer, uncontrolled genetic experiments lead to the emergence of monsters that flooded the earth. By the way, in Brazil there is a huge, aggressive and venomous bees that attack people. And these bees breed with great speed…

7. Moral values

Gregory Rasputin was also worried about ordinary human values. The elder said that “love will vanish and people will stand on the edge of the abyss”. Indifference and selfishness will destroy the Nations, and then mankind will perish.

10 прогнозів Григорія Распутіна, половина з яких уже збулася

8. Snakes

Mystic was talking about the fact that mankind will be killed in turn three snakes. First and second will lead to greater casualties, but after the third survives only a few, which after purification can get to heaven on earth. Historians believe that Rasputin reasoned about wars, of which the First and Second world war left its mark.

9. The end of the world

Apocalypse Rasputin was linked with the Third world, however, the date could not name. He suggested that the sun would scorch the land and turn fertile fields into deserts, and the rivers will dry. Everywhere stretched the desert, but the elect will have a chance to escape.

10 прогнозів Григорія Распутіна, половина з яких уже збулася

10. The world inside out

The most amazing prophecy of Rasputin is that people will have to endure three days of darkness, when the sun will disappear and the earth will cover the ever-present fog. “And there are people waiting for death as salvation. And everywhere will be weeping and despair. And swapped seasons. And bloom a rose in December and snow in June”.

What then was the thinking of the old man? Maybe he was referring to a natural disaster, can the effects of nuclear war, and maybe something else.


10 прогнозів Григорія Распутіна, половина з яких уже збулася

Part of the predictions of Rasputin with his book “Pious reflection” has come true, leaving only the bleak. But is it really all that bad and mankind is the imminent death? We can only guess and hope that the pessimistic forecasts do not come true.

And how do you relate to the predictions of Rasputin?

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