Zhanna badoeva explained why he moved to Italy for permanent residence

Жанна Бадоева рассказала, почему переехала в Италию на ПМЖ

Ukrainian TV presenter Joan badoeva answered popular question from fans and explained why he moved to Italy.

Recently, the popular TV presenter has shared a new photo with followers in your profile on Instagram. In the frame was Badoev in stylish glasses. In the background could be seen on the streets of Italy.

In the signature for publication, the star posted a big comment, answering the most popular question from fans.

“While waiting for coffee, browsing direct. One of the frequent questions is how to go for permanent residence in Italy or another country? Why?! I never wanted to go anywhere, just in my life so happened that I met and got married. And we discussed even with her husband to someone who will relocate!!! We just realized that the bindings to the place he has much more than me, so it was easier for me to move.

But I really wonder what is the reason for such eagerness to leave many of the people who write to me? And where you would like to go?” – admitted Badoev on the Network.

Жанна Бадоева рассказала, почему переехала в Италию на ПМЖ

Zhanna badoeva in Italy

Fans in the comments not only showered the presenter compliments, but also shared the most secret dreams of moving from their native countries.

Earlier, the robbers-losers tried to sneak into the parents ‘ home by Alan Badoev.

See the edition of the program heads and tails with Jeanne badoeva:

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