Why soak seeds, nuts, beans and grains

Зачем замачивать семена, орехи, бобы и злаки

That many cooks and fans of “kitchen crafts” soaked fruit plants you’ve heard. Just what does it do, and how to implement the process?

Meet phytic acid

Acid, which remains in plant tissues of mineral phosphorus. The different varieties of nuts, seeds, legumes and grains it contains a huge amount. The peculiarity of this acid that our body refuses to assimilate. In addition, it disrupts the proper digestion of macronutrients and minerals.

The confrontation between phytase and fittings.

Nuts, seeds, and beans, in addition to acid contains phytase. Enzyme, one of whose functions is the decomposition of phytin. Activate the process only when the fruit is wet and ready to begin upward movement. After getting all the necessary for the development of phosphorus, the plant begins to grow.

Зачем замачивать семена, орехи, бобы и злаки

How to dunk

For proper soaking seeds and nuts, they should be put in a glass bowl with warm and clean water. Two cups water one Cup of fruit is 2:1 ratio. Some experts in nutrition recommend adding the water a teaspoon of sea salt, supposedly to neutralize substances that slow down the flow of enzymatic reaction. After that, the container of fruit should be placed overnight in a dark place at a temperature of 20-25 degrees. Bowl better cover the gauze with a towel so that the plants could breathe.

Зачем замачивать семена, орехи, бобы и злаки


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