Why now you do not need to learn a foreign language?

Почему теперь не нужно учить иностранный язык?

The answer is simple: there are unique headphones from Google.

Imagine a pocket translator in real-time. Yes, now is not the elements of a fantastic film. And available to every device.

October 3 in San Francisco, Google announced the release of a new unique gadget.

Pixel Buds remind fans of “the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” the Babel fish that you put in the ear can understand any language.

This headphone is something similar. Having also similarities with the apple air pods – wireless. Outer side is equipped with a control panel.

Почему теперь не нужно учить иностранный язык?

A new earphone Google 2017

As Google announces, Pixel Buds can translate 40 languages using the existing technology of Google translator. To do this the right earpiece need to give the request: “Help me to speak French”. The next time you speak, they will give the translation in speaker mode. And when you will talk French, you will hear the translation in the earphone.

The manufacturer compares this with a personal translator 24/7. Perhaps it sounds fantastic, but the technology translator from a search engine programmed at a high level. Online translator allows you to Smyslova-literate lyrics in most queries.

Compared to other high-profile exits this was not Grand presented by Google. But in fact such earbuds have the potential to become a sensation. Just imagine to travel to other countries and freely to understand others.

Ahead of Google translation technology speech presented Skype and Pilot. But Pixel Buds first to offer a translation in real time and at an affordable price. The launch is scheduled for November at a price of 159$.

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