Why is October 11, not possible to eat the berries, leave the house, and the newlyweds need to be careful – people’s signs

On 11 October the peasants were afraid and tried to leave the house unnecessarily.

Чому 11 жовтня не можна їсти ягоди, виходити з дому, а молодятам треба бути обережними - Народні прикмети

In the Church 11 Oct revered the memory of St. Chariton the Confessor, who lived in Asia Minor (the city Konya) in III-IV centuries. He lived during the reign of Emperor Aurelian, known for its hostility toward Christians, according to Rus.Media

Therefore, during the time of his stay in power, there were mass persecutions against the followers of Christ. During one of them, and was taken to Chariton. Pagans brutally beat him, then was thrown into prison, from which he was fired after coming to power of the Emperor Tacitus. Khariton went to the Holy Land, but not far from Jerusalem had been captured by the robbers, which led him to his cave.

From death Chariton rescued a snake that poisoned wine your poison. The robbers drank it and immediately died. Chariton continued to live in the cave and built a Church there, where they formed their own community, after which formed Baranski Lavra – the first Church in the area.

11 Oct celebrated Autumn Nicholas, during which widespread was the custom to gather at the party – young people came to the summer kitchen to cook honey. Earlier in the day, people harvested the juice and poured them a large cast iron or boilers. Couples could also go for a walk together. Before dawn had to return home “to honey”. Came to the house, where the hostess sliced the loaf and brewed tea, treating the guests with fresh honey. It is for this reason the feast was called Nicholas-Medovar.

On 11 October the peasants were afraid and tried to leave the house unnecessarily. So, basically, doing homework. It was impossible to sweep away the dirty linen in public, as it could lead to trouble.

Very dangerous on 11 October was considered for those who enter into marriage. To take trouble, brought her a jar of honey pie. Did this young alone and secretly. Believed that this would appease the witch, and then she won’t ruin your wedding and not giving a curse. If damage still suggests, you can get rid of it in different ways.

For example, could take in his right hand a glass of water, and in left hand – knife and read a special order. Then stood on a squeaky floorboard, which was in the house and drank the charmed water. The last drink he spilled on himself, and then threw.

It was impossible on 11 October to eat the berries, neither raw nor processed. It was said that the devil three days before the holiday spits on all kinds of berries, and people who eat them, that’s gonna hurt for a very long time.

Folk omens on October 11

Hares long coat does not change, the signs, the winter will come soon

If the person was born on the 11th of October, that his lucky charm is rhinestone

The wind 11 Oct blows from the North side – the winter will be harsh, from the West – snow, South soft.

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