Why do people get cancer: psychosomatic causes of cancer

Почему люди болеют раком: психосоматические причины онкологии

Experts are increasingly saying that cancer is based on psychosomatic causes. Find out exactly what is the source of the disease.

Once psychology and medicine merged, and was born psychosomatics is the science that studies the influence of psychological factors on the occurrence and course of diseases. Clutch gathered some of the most typical causes of the disease.

Psychological causes of disease

  • loss of contact with parents, lack of confidence, or the opposite – too close relationship;
  • the experience of loss (an emotional connection);
  • the feeling of helplessness and the failure of overcoming the difficulties in life;
  • a state of despair when the person sees no way out of this situation;
  • hidden resentment;
  • pessimism.

The localization of malignant tumors depends on experienced ill-rooted emotions and thoughts. Here is a reflection of some destructive attitudes:

  • psychosomatics breast cancer sees the cause of the disease in that women with a tumor in the breast, put yourself in the place not taking care of others, and do not care about yourself;
  • psychosomatics lung cancer captures the common diseases of this type of cancer in people experiencing emotional coldness and callousness important for them;
  • skin cancer – a condition of inferiority because of the feelings of the children’s resentment, vulnerability and uncertainty, the inability to Express your anger;
  • thyroid cancer occurs more often in a good-natured and vulnerable people who are unable to realize themselves due to fear of imaginary condemnation and failure.
  • pancreatic cancer occurs because of non-recognition of the child by parents, especially the father, because of the conflict with the closest relatives, because of the greed and excessive consumption of goods.

Alexander Danilin, psychotherapist IPA No. 23, host of “Silver threads” on “Radio of Russia” told about another serious psychosomatic because of cancer.

Почему люди болеют раком: психосоматические причины онкологии

The therapist told me that oncological diseases precedes the feeling that you are not wanted, not demanded neither at work nor in the family. And people who during illness to fight this sensation and set specific goals beyond their illness, often breaking the disease live rich and long enough:

“Any existential problem can only be expressed by metaphor. For this situation, I seem to be the most appropriate the words of Christ: “You are the salt of the earth.” They told me from the first reading of the gospel sunk into the soul. I believe that cancer overtakes a person who begins to feel that he is no longer the salt of the earth.

Cancer overtakes the man who begins to feel that he is no longer the salt of the earth.

When a person feels that his work, the fruits of his labor are not wanted or is no-one to store, very often he has a tumor. Feeling the salt of the earth optional wide fame or demand, but at least at the level of the family, the closest people – parents, husband, wife, children, grandchildren or friends need it all. And I don’t think it is appropriate to talk about pride. Cancer overtakes and proud and humble people, humble. I prefer the metaphor “salt of the earth”.

And human creative profession writer, artist, composer, very important to understand (even if he pretends that he doesn’t care) that it will read, watch, listen for a long time. Artists (in the broad sense of the word) who believe in it, and often live long, but those who hope that the written book, painting, music immediately bring glory often get sick and die relatively early.

I think if there was a real Dorian gray, with his life in the portrait, he would have died from cancer. Because such work is fruitless. Creativity to the detriment of the people, for example, the creation of bombs, other weapons of mass destruction, is also often detrimental to health. At least, among our, among the American makers of the bombs, many died of cancer and I think that they are not only sick from the radiation.

The more awareness, the less pain

The more human life awareness (any language, which do you prefer – psychoanalytic, existential, Christian), the less pain and the easier death. A disease is always a kind of metaphor that we tried to hide from ourselves.”

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