Why bananas can you eat during a workout?

Почему бананы можно есть во время тренировки?

To maintain energy levels during exercise athletes and fans of physical activity consume sports drinks. But American scientists decided to introduce an innovation in the usual action — now instead sportpit can safely eat bananas during class.

According to new research that compares the effects of carbohydrates consumed during the workout, bananas can replace sports drinks for those who exercise regularly. Experts have confirmed the fact that this fruit boasts strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Prolonged sporting loads of bananas can increase the stamina and help to recover after a workout. This is because carbohydrates fuel muscles and reduce physiological stress.

Почему бананы можно есть во время тренировки?

In sports drinks, in addition to sugar there are dyes, flavor enhancers, flavors that provoke allergic reactions and harm the body as a whole. This is another reason to switch to banana “snack”.

In the course of the experiment in 2012, researchers found that cyclists are better able to cope with the distance if the path matched by either a banana or sports drink compared to plain water. In the new experiment, which was published in March 2018, the researchers decided to use more sophisticated techniques to track the molecular changes inside the body of the cyclist. In isolation, the scientists looked at blood cells to see how different cases of active genes involved in the inflammatory process.

Data analysis showed that drinking water during training led to relatively high levels of inflammatory markers in the blood of cyclists. But these markers, just like last time, was significantly lower when cyclists chose a banana or a sports drink.

Почему бананы можно есть во время тренировки?


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