Where will give birth to her firstborn Elena Shoptenko

Dancer ready to leave.

Де буде народжувати первістка Олена Шоптенко

Choreographer Elena Shoptenko, which recently showed how preparing for the birth of a child, starred in playful photo shoot for the gloss Viva and told where to childbirth. Unlike other celebrities, she will give birth in Ukraine, reports Rus.Media.

Believe, in Ukraine there are all conditions for normal, safe and comfortable birth without fear. I’ve already made a list of everything needed, got it all figured out”. – Elena, Shoptenko.

She also said that my husband chose the name for the baby, but as long as it remains secret. “It’s very original,” said the choreographer.

Recall, very soon, the choreographer Elena Shoptenko for the first time will become a mother. The choreographer admitted that she and her husband expecting a boy. Choptank noted that the replenishment of the family they are expecting in late may-early June.

Earlier on his page in the social network of Alain, Shoptenko, choreographer shared a personal story about how she got her apartment and as it is undergoing renovations.

“My parents since childhood, said that stability in life determines the presence of his own apartment, which is necessary to earn, because it is very silly to spend money on rent. So I started working since I was 19 and constantly defer to our dream apartment,” – said Elena.

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