Where to go and what to see in Odessa: 35 points

Куда сходить и что посмотреть в Одессе: 35 пунктов

Live, my Odessa, live and prosper! These words are heard by many generations. Odessa leaves no one indifferent – someone unrequited in love with her, and someone does not want to hear anything about this city.

However, Chicks hatched, and the list of our travel columnist Olga Kharchenko will help make this weekend the truth is a fantastic city unforgettable.

1. Count the steps of Potemkin stairs. Similarly, if their 192?
2. Jump on Teschin bridge. Ask a local legend, but no one stops to think of its.
3. Grate orange peel monument to orange. After learning why oranges saved Odessa?
4. Listen to street musicians on the promenade. Thus it is necessary to look at the sea.
5. Feeding the gulls on a wild beach.
6. To ride all the rides Arcadia. Even in the winter. Some work, if you ask.
7. To determine if the Passage is a shopping center or a Museum?
8. To try everything you can on bringing. To bargain and win. To eat prey in the urban garden.
9. Coffee at the London hotel. Perfect to feel like a movie star.
10. Go to the Odessa film Studio. If by casting you are not lucky, an excursion to pass accurately.
11. To find the traces of Greeks in Odessa – Grecheskaya square, and be sure to visit the Museum secret organization of “filiki eteria”.
12. Go through the catacombs with a guide and to see the real underground life of the past.
13. To travel all the military equipment in the Museum of the great Patriotic war and visit the Museum.
14. Stroll through the Alley of Fame.
15. The Road to master health and feel the strength for new achievements.
16. Find the mummy in the Museum of Archeology.

Куда сходить и что посмотреть в Одессе: 35 пунктов

Columnist Clutch Olga Kharchenko

17. Say goodbye to the sun from the Vorontsov lighthouse.
18. To see how load the ships in port, and wish them luck.
19. To feel Italian Gothic in the Odessa Philharmonic.
20. To understand why Odessa is the place of crossing of cultures in the Museum of Eastern and Western art.
21. Check out the 12 stool for the presence of diamonds and to make the company Leonid Utesov.
22. To sit at the Odessa Conservatoire and feel, both from the diversity of sounds of students rehearsing born something unusual.
23. To go into the past of the Empire, visiting Odessa Opera house.
24. To ride the lions at the Vorontsov Palace.
25. To drink wine at the colonnade overlooking the sea.
26. To try all conceivable dishes of the Odessa kitchen, and believe that she is so original there.
27. To pass on the Moldavanka. To feed outdoor cats there, finding the courtyard of Teddy jap, get a scolding for a photo under someone’s real Odessa balcony.
28. To count all the lions of Odessa, and finally get confused where you are in Odessa or in Lviv?
29. Enjoy a picnic on the beach.
30. Meet crazy city.
31. Ride on the tram through the Odessa.
32. Visit the unique in many ways, the Museum of medicine at Odessa medical University.
33. To be quiet in the first Ukrainian public library. Gorky.
34. Look at the starry sky in the Observatory.
35. To feel the power and strength of the Sith from the world’s first monument to Darth Vader.

Good rest, love your mother, wash your hands with soap and water!

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