Where to buy tickets profitable: a guide for tourists

Где покупать авиабилеты выгодно: руководство для туристов

A small but very useful manual.

In anticipation of the summer holidays probably you have question: “where can I buy tickets?”. Air travel still is the most expensive mode of transport and is not available to all Ukrainians. But there are a few secrets, so that you know where to buy a cheap tickets.

Где покупать авиабилеты выгодно: руководство для туристов

How and where to find cheap airline tickets?

Perhaps the most wrong way to buy a cheap tickets will hike in the offices of the airport. Yes, according to the statistics in this way are 50% of all buyers of tickets. But mostly businessmen and people who are not used to save.

For the budget traveler, the most convenient and profitable option stay sites-aggregators, for example, air-Pilot, which globally track information, including the reservation system of the airlines, as well as existing shares.

In addition, it is very important to choose a specific airport for departure and arrival, and the whole region. Then the aggregator will have the opportunity to find the most profitable option.

Wondering when and where to buy tickets online? Experts recommend buying them in the morning or the night before the start of the working day. Prices at this time lower, and more choice.

Где покупать авиабилеты выгодно: руководство для туристов

Benefit to buy tickets, one should get all versions of the arrivals for the next number. For example, the site of air-Pilot have the opportunity to view all the date of departure or arrival, to choose the most profitable option, and the class of travel (business or economy) and the number of passengers.

If you have the opportunity to pre-purchase a plane ticket, it is best to do 2 months before departure. But the question arises: where to book tickets? Again come to the aid of the services of aggregators to search for plane tickets.

If you fly often, then you should subscribe to a special mailing list of companies that deal with flights and ticket sales. So you’ll be the first to receive news about promotions and special offers.

Buy the best tickets with departure in mid-week. It was at this time the most favorable prices. The cheapest tickets to sell on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and the most expensive on weekends and holidays.

Где покупать авиабилеты выгодно: руководство для туристов

In addition, tickets with departure at night or late evening are often cheaper than departing in the morning or afternoon.

Buy your tickets immediately to both parties. This is because the one-way ticket can cost more than both.

Don’t forget about the good ol ‘ Charter flights. Unsold seats be available for a few days or even hours before departure. While their value will be significantly below the initial.

So, now you know how and where to book tickets at a profit. To search for the tickets we used the site Pilot-air. Search the best flights will take approximately 10 minutes, simply enter your details, date of departure, class of travel and choose the most suitable option.

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