Where the world is heading? On Tyumen walked naked grandfather

Grandfather was under the influence of drugs.

Куди котиться світ? По Тюмені гуляв голий дід

In Tyumen on September 15, walked completely naked male very advanced age, which saw many of the inhabitants, reports Rus.Media. Arrested him the police report, it is not excluded, this was the result of the action of drugs.

September 15 from Tyumen walked an elderly man in a completely Nude. In particular, he was photographed during his “journey” on the street Przhevalsky. After receiving a call about this, he was detained by police and taken for examination by a local psychiatrist.

The man was hospitalized in the hospital of the local “loony bin” at about noon on September 15. Preliminary tests show it is not excluded, the reason for his “naked walk” in Tyumen was the impact on the body of grandfather drugs.

Photo of my grandfather, who was, at the same time, completely naked, already gained wide popularity among users of social networks who live in Tyumen.

Many of them expressed outrage that makes it a photo of a man in a hurry to get popular, thanks to the shocking photo, and not in a hurry to assist an elderly person. Moreover, they write, it is not known how he will be in old age.

Others, on the contrary, “kidding”, indicating, apparently, in my grandfather’s apartment filed heating and he went outside Tyumen in order to cool off. There are those who report this old man got after pay off mortgage.

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