Way to know how the rest of your relationship

Способ узнать, как сложатся ваши отношения

There is one way that will help you learn how to be (and whether at all) to develop relationship with the new boyfriend.

Certainly, as soon as on a first date with a man you come to mind the question, how will your relationship whether you are together… Especially if he’s good looking, funny jokes, and not deprived of intelligence.

Fortunately, there is one question the answer to which will tell you whether you have something in common with this person in the future. Just ask one question.

“Why are you still single?” – that is the question. It will help a lot to learn about the new acquaintance.

If he starts to blame his loneliness on his former team, it’s a red flag. This means that the person is still not matured, not ready for a serious relationship based on equality and trust. Moreover, if a guy talks about his ex-girlfriend, sooner or later he will talk bad about you. Some people have such a property: first, to praise someone, and then criticize and devalue.

Would be correct if the male acknowledged the error which he had committed in the past, learned, and became morally Mature. With such a man you have way more chances to build healthy relationships.

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