Useful facts: fraud schemes in the ОLX

We all, or almost all, for once in your life bought something over the Internet. Many of us purchases are made on the message boards “hand in hand”.

Корисно знати: схеми шахрайства на ОLX

We decided to collect in one article the types of fraud that are practiced by the hunters your wallet at OLX. Scheme applicable to other resources of this kind. Therefore, information will not be unnecessary for almost any Internet user. After all, forewarned is forearmed, isn’t it?

The scheme with two unsuspecting sellers

Friends, I want to warn you from a new inventions of scammers. Now they’ve learned to lie with a special trick involving two unsuspecting sellers/buyers, and themselves from fraudulent schemes “in the end”.

Scheme of the crime is that the fraudster makes a deal with one of the customers, while requests to transfer money to a Bank card. However, he indicates the card number of another person from whom he buys something. Thus, one victim transfers money to the card the second, and the third party, the fraudster receives the goods, which paid for a third-party.

The implementation of this crime may differ depending on the situation, but in the end, one man is left without money, accusing the second in the fraud, while the real scammer just disappears.

Even more sophisticated fraudsters even learned to steal SIM card using the mobile service operators to restore lost SIM cards. For this sacrifice they call from three different numbers, and then in the office of the operator is called the three rooms, getting the SIM card number of the victim, and then, knowing the phone number and credit card number, withdraw money from ATMs, using the “Extra money”. But this trick is applicable only for clients of PrivatBank.

Scammers-buyers and ATMs of Oschadbank

Information about the frequent method of fraud via ATMs of the Bank. I want to warn you that you are hooked on the Scam!

The method is pretty simple and the main task of the fraudster is to lure the victim to the ATM. Here’s what happens:

1. The scammer calls at the number listed in the ad phone number posing as a potential buyer. However, he has little interest or no interest in the product itself, and at once expresses the desire to make a purchase. Very often a crook posing as a representative of the company — for example, salon rental wedding gowns or a store of goods for children.

2. The “buyer” asks the seller to provide card details to transfer payment for the goods, often specifying the card type and account balance. It definitely should alert you: think for yourself, why would a buyer know how much money on your card, if you pay will not be you but it?

3. Then the scammer reports that the money is coming, but to obtain them you need to go to the ATM of the Bank and to accomplish the actions that he has to say. When the seller approaches the ATM and inserts the card, the scammer dictates your card number under the number of transfer and asks to enter the amount that is supposed to come at the expense of the seller. After the transaction, the money transferred to the account of the scammer.

Generally, communication with such would-be buyers is in a hurry, hurry they are sellers, asking them to run faster to the ATM and pushing the right buttons, or “money does not pass”, use other methods of psychological pressure. We kindly ask you to be vigilant and cautious.

Scammers and PayPal

Working principle of crooks the same – to get you to give them money, but the methods are constantly changing. Want you once again to warn and to tell you about a new invention of the villains!

The principle of deception is very simple – the scammer under the guise of a buyer calls and agrees to the deal and asked to make payment to the Bank card of PrivatBank. However, he in addition to the card number trying to find out additional data about the cardholder. For example, expiration date, credit limit, etc. Often trickster explains the need for this information that charges will be made from the entity.

In any case do not tell anyone any information except the card number and name .

In addition, the security service of the Bank or any other company will not call you back to clarify further information on the card. So do only scammers.

Корисно знати: схеми шахрайства на ОLX

If you come SMS with a code that asks to call the buyer that his payment has gone through, you know, you’re dealing with a scammer. A liar, knowing your card number, additional data and phone number, trying to spend the “Extra money”.

But such a scheme of deception can be directed not only to owners of cards of PrivatBank. Therefore, we ask you to be very careful when shopping on the Internet.

Don’t get caught on the hook crooks!

Free animals – new method of Internet fraud

Attention all animal lovers! On OLX began to appear in expensive animals, under different pretexts are offered absolutely free. And all would be well, but such offers are Scam!

The text of such announcements often are written with various details and inspires confidence. Cheaters even leave contact phone number where you can be contacted and to hear the compelling story of why the animal is free.

There’s just one problem – no possibility of a personal meeting to pick up the animal. Instead, the liars are asked to pay for the shipment or transportation. The victim must list the “symbolic” sum to the Bank account or transfer money through systems of international transfers.

Naturally, once the money is transferred, contact number fraud will be disabled, and the victim will be left without money and animals.

Do not fall for the hook. Never, under any regards to the meeting do not send money in advance!

Remember, if you do not have the opportunity to meet personally with the seller, you can use the service after the payment – when you pay after receiving and checking the goods. Such opportunities are offered by many popular carriers.

Auto from abroad: a popular scheme of deception

Due to the fact that cases of fraud in the sale of automobiles, we have prepared for you a description of the famous “razvodnyaki” and will, which can calculate the pseudo-sellers. Read on and not get hooked!

Given the high price of cars in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, scammers often caught on the hook wanting to buy a cheap car. Standard deception is on the Bulletin Board is a tempting offer with a good car at a low price. A potential buyer contacts the seller and it turns out that he is abroad. Then begins the process of joining the trust and extortion of money.

It goes like this: the victim does not know about the fraud, the scammer comes up with a plausible legend, provides scans or photos of documents and proposes to transfer the money through the brokerage firm (the dealership, carrier, Bank etc).

Because fraudulent schemes are every day improving, that any particular scenario does not exist. For example, the now popular scheme, when the seller abroad offers to buy already cleared the car, which, however, in certain circumstances is now in another country.

Here’s a snippet of communicating with a scammer who is impersonating the seller:

“The car is in perfect condition. I agree with all the checks when I arrive. I can give it to Ukraine in about 3-4 days, if You want to buy, but I need the guarantee, because I can’t afford to make this trip in vain. My suggestion is:

You receive$ 1,800 in Denmark through Western Union for example the name of Your relative (father, brother, a cousin… even a friend), and then you send me a copy of the translation via e-mail.

When I come to Ukraine and I will give You a car , we go together to the Bank and You change the name of your father(for example) in my name, and when I return to Denmark I will get money from the Bank.

This translation is not in my name, I can’t get money from a Bank until you check the car and not change the name of the recipient”.

In fact, to such a transfer, the scammer can. It is enough to forge any documents, write there the name of the recipient. The employees of Western Union after all, not obliged to check the documents for authenticity.

Such answers may be many, but they all boil down to one thing – you have to pay a certain amount of the Deposit.

Want to make sure that it is cheating? Email the seller that just a few days will be on a business trip to his country and unable to come to him, to look at the car and seal the deal on the spot. Most likely, the seller will disappear.

The Scam “Bank”: how to keep safe the money on the card

Bank cards have now become a very popular method of payment for goods purchased online. Unfortunately, these are not only buyers and sellers, and scammers. Here is the story of one of the users and advice on how to protect your plastic card from intruders!

The first rule is to never transmit data on the card, third parties, whoever they were presented. Are strictly confidential PIN-code, card security codes, passport and residence permit, and passwords sent to your mobile phone. Sending this data, you run the risk that will give a stranger the access to your card accounts!

The second rule — don’t send SMS queries from their mobile phones, the purpose of which you are not 100% sure. This is especially true of SMS to short numbers.

Here’s the story, what happened with Valerie, one of our users. He writes:
“I sell, for example, some products through the Internet. Calling a potential client, said he was happy with everything, he wants to buy and is even ready to make a full Deposit on the card of PrivatBank.
I say okay and send him the number of your card. Then after a while I was calling people from a hidden room and is an employee of PrivatBank… I’m in the turmoil of the working day do not pay attention to what numbers he calls, the more room a hidden, perhaps corporate. That is, I believe him.
This pseudochaotic says that a man tries to transfer an amount to my account. I say, Yes, I know. Then he says I’m supposedly not connected to system “mobile banking” and in order to be able to transfer me the money, I need to connect. I’m talking about the mobile Bank did not know and agree. Then pseudochaotic all sorts of tricky questions interrogates what cards PrivatBank else I have, whether credit card, what’s the limit of what the debt, etc. Then he says, well, I’m hooked now to the person who sends you money will be sent message with the code to confirm the payment, it will send the code and you will have to send it in as is, short number 10060.
If I had not used the services of mobile banking, I anyway don’t know what means the code he sent me by text. And I send this code to number 10060. And these people, like me, likely, most, which, perhaps, in the confusion or ignorance of not paying attention to pereselenii code, and thus lose money. Of course, it was code of the form SENDxxxVAL+[Last four digits]+CARD where the last 4 digits of the card – it was the numbers of my credit card, which they learned on the phone under the guise of an employee of PrivatBank, and the card number of the CARD is clear. The amount specified in the code, corresponds to approximately determine the credit limit that is available to victims, which vyvodyat their pseudochaotic Bank.”

Beware! I hope this story will not happen again.

How to return the stolen money by credit card

The most common in recent cases of fraudulent use of credit cards, when the scammer removes the funds from the card after disclosure of user confidential information. We highly recommend in any case, neither the sellers nor the buyers – not to disclose confidential information, not to disclose confirming SMS codes and not to take any action at the ATM at the request of strangers, even if they appear to be employees of the Bank. However, people continue to get hooked on. In some cases, you can return the stolen money.

Business analyst Anastasia Borisova shared her experience as she returned the stolen money to PrivatBank card. These recommendations will be useful to users of the system LiqPay.

“The situation is briefly: scammers call under the guise of buying my products exhibited at OLX (SLANDO). Said will pay the money for the goods at the map. Then the “alleged employee PrivatBank” had surgery on remittance, and in fact it was theft of my funds from my PayPal.

The key point of this case is that the fraudulent operation of debiting of the card was carried out through the service LiqPay (”.

To log in to the account of LiqPay system it is necessary to enter phone number and code that receives an sms. In addition to the card number and the recipient’s name, the victim reported this code as well as your date of birth the alleged Bank employee. Get the code, scammers gained access to the user’s account and transferred the money from her card to another account.

Note: to disclose sms-codes and personal information in any case, no one can!

After the victim realized that he had become a victim of fraud, she still managed to return the stolen funds to the card. Here are her recommendations:

“1) Immediately block Your cards.

2) Go to the website and through an online form (a window operator is disclosed in the right part of the screen) requires you to cancel the last payment made from your card. Write that the payment is fraudulent, the card number, your name, the amount, etc. the operator will give you the form you need to fill).

The payment is carried out via LiqPay will cancel if it is not treated! In my case it took about a half hour, and I was able to cancel it, the money is returned back to the locked map.

Yes, another important point! After you return the money, lock the card Privat, and your phone number to him would be to go to Privat 24 etc.

Do NOT TAKE the PHONE and CALL back on unknown numbers.

After the operation was cancelled — I started calling to try to recover my SIM card (by last dialed numbers), and try to unlock my card again!”


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