Training outdoors in may: top 5 options

Тренировки на свежем воздухе в мае: топ-5 вариантов

May holidays has completed its March and that means it’s time to get serious nice belly and chubby cheeks. The weather was now very anxious and want to choose a physical activity, not to torment your body in a stuffy room and breathing fresh air.

What types of workouts it is best to give preference to in may?


Running in the warm months should be exclusively outdoors. Down with the treadmills in the gym. Only the spaciousness and freshness. The perfect run is early in the morning. When the city or village (depending where you live) are not yet filled with noise and dust. When the sun stretches its first ray to your half-open eyes. Pulling sneakers you at a slow and comfortable pace, moving into a jog. 15 minutes later your body is fully awake, starts to realize all the charm of sports in the morning. It is oxygenated, filled with energy for the whole day and presses the button “on” for weight loss.

Тренировки на свежем воздухе в мае: топ-5 вариантов


It was walking, not exhausting bike rides. Pick a day off, “saddle horse” and wheels in the parks, along the most beautiful places of the city. When you pedal, the work included not only the leg muscles but also your whole body. For one such day trip, you will lose a lot of calories, if the evening does not override their hearty dinner.

Тренировки на свежем воздухе в мае: топ-5 вариантов

Yoga in the fresh air

Another option of classes for the morning, although the evening such training will also benefit. What do you need? Find an instructor who conducts classes. Many studios in the warm season add to his practice schedule in the fresh air. Don’t miss this opportunity. If you start your day with yoga, the feeling of fullness will not leave you until the next morning.

Тренировки на свежем воздухе в мае: топ-5 вариантов

Classes on the Playground

The easiest option of all. If you look closely, near his home you will see one of these sites. There are bars, Swedish press, the bar. Such a “sports hall” can pump all the muscle groups. Pick 4-5 exercises, including pull UPS (if not, ask someone to help), push-UPS, squats, lifting legs in vis on the crossbar. And don’t forget about the rope.

Тренировки на свежем воздухе в мае: топ-5 вариантов

Swimming in the outdoor pool

We will not hide what pleasure is rare, especially difficult to find an outdoor pool in the village. But the inhabitants of the big city are familiar with such services. With the onset of warm days, swimming pools are actively starting to work. Mind you, with such a load you combine useful with pleasant. Swimming is a chic cardio (if you really swim, and not to be a duck). On the other hand, you’re doing this outdoors, fills his face to the sun, enjoying the moment.

Тренировки на свежем воздухе в мае: топ-5 вариантов

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