TOP 6: best diet for quick weight loss

ТОП - 6: самые лучшие диеты для быстрого похудения

The article contains the most effective diet for detoxification and weight loss. It different ways specifically for those who want to lead yourself and your body in shape for spring and summer season.

The contents

  • 1 the “Model” diet
  • 2 Diet green juice
  • 3 low carbohydrate way to lose weight
  • 4 “On the clock” diet or way of life?
  • 5 “Lazy” diet
  • 6 restricted Diet food
  • 7 What are the most effective diet and why?

In the summer you want to regain shape or just to get rid of excess kilogrammchik that appeared over the winter. Quickly getting ready for swimsuit season, that is, to lose weight! Ready? Of course, trying to lose weight do not always lead to success and give the desired result. But we picked up the most effective ways to lose weight for a long time to come back to this problem. Consider the best diet for weight loss and choose the best one for yourself.

The “model” diet

The model in our imagination causes a slender and graceful look. However, as soon as they manage to be thin at any time of the year? There are two versions of the diet, which is popular among the models and helps to lose weight in just a few days up to 6 kilograms. This method is quite difficult, but very effective in any of the options.

The first option is the “model” diet lasts only 3 days, during which you can reset no more than 4 pounds.

Her diet consists of:

  1. Breakfast — boiled soft-boiled egg;
  2. Lunch (2.5 hours after the first) — unsweetened tea and 125 gr. low-fat cottage cheese;
  3. Lunch (at the time, 2.5 hours) — unsweetened tea and 125 gr. low-fat cottage cheese;
  4. Dinner should be abandoned.

During the day you should drink a few more liters of water without gas.

ТОП - 6: самые лучшие диеты для быстрого похудения

The “model” diet

The second option is diet for models is the hard limit on the number of calories is the maximum of 1000 per day. If you follow this rule, it can be a week to lose 2 to 6 pounds. In addition to counting calories, you should drink plenty of fluids — green tea and water help cleanse the human body.

Note that whatever option is preferred, the sugar is banned in any form. These options are “model” diets are very simple and effective, but if you want to lose 10 pounds and more, it is better to choose a long-term diet that may take weeks or even a month. However, way to lose weight models diet for a week, during which you can reach really quick results.

Diet green juice

Method of weight loss based on the juices from green vegetables and fruits are very popular among the following stars: Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani and many others are often spotted with a glass filled with a green mixture in his hands. Basically this drink is prepared with lime, cabbage, dill, parsley, celery, spinach, apples and other fruits and vegetables exclusively green.

According to nutritionists: these drinks and meals full of folic acid, antioxidants and vitamin C. overall green juice is detoxifying and the toxins, improves the work gastrointestinal tract and metabolism.

This diet you can adhere to three days or for one week. Due to the fact that it is cleansing, during this time, it is realistic to lose up to 4 pounds. Note to achieve a good cleaning of the body and weight, snacks should be useful. For example, during the day you can eat grapes, Apple, kiwi fruit or some nuts. This will dilute the nutrition and will help to move the diet.

Low carbohydrate way to lose weight

On the question of which diet is the most effective, many respond that low-carb. Its main feature is that it is no severe restrictions in food, helps to get rid of excess weight. If you stick to the diet for quite a long time, over several months you can achieve good results in slimming and lose about 15 – 20 pounds of excess weight.

In the basis of the diet include vegetables and proteins. So, protein foods will give the body the set of amino acids and other nutrients. Most often it is fish, meat, cheese, milk and dairy products, fruits, nuts and so on. Choose the best products in the shops, focusing on the composition and date of manufacture.

The carbohydrates in the food more available. But it is important not to get carried away and completely eliminate their use, as this will lead to problems with skin, hair, nails, General weakness and bad mood. This diet is strictly contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women and people with kidney diseases.

If you still decided to try and no this is no contraindications, it is on a low carbohydrate diet might be:

  1. Breakfast: 30 oz. cheese low fat, small piece of rye bread, green tea or coffee without sugar.
  2. Lunch: cooked beans, a small piece of rye bread, 200 gr. low-fat cottage cheese, coffee or tea without sugar.
  3. Dinner: 100 gr. boiled beef or fish, 1 — 2 pieces of any fresh vegetables. After dinner, it is recommended to drink green tea without sugar.

To eat on this diet should be 4 to 5 times a day and drink at least several liters of non-carbonated purified water. In this case, it will be really an effective diet for a month and even more.

“By the clock” diet or way of life?

Feature of this diet with an unusual name is a clear compliance regime and moderate food. Many effective loss diet effective, but only this will help to change the way of life in General.

In addition to losing weight, “time” diet helps cleanse the body and normalize metabolism. The interesting thing is that it is extremely effective for those who have long wanted to become more organized. The main advantage of this diet is that you can pick up products at their discretion. Well, in that case stick to such a diet is not just seven days, and much longer until you get bored. In principle, in these days of food “on the clock” will become a habit and you will be able to achieve the best results in losing weight.

ТОП - 6: самые лучшие диеты для быстрого похудения

“By the clock” diet or way of life?

So, during the first five days to eat every two hours. After that, 10 days to eat as usual and you will notice that you have already lost. For the first few days can be reset a minimum of 3 to 5 kg, and then throughout the remaining days just to lock in your new weight.

In the days of “normal” food is necessary to completely eliminate or severely limit the amount of sweet and flour products.

Approximately menu “on the clock” can look like the following:

7:00 — Cup of coffee or tea without sugar;

9:00 — grated on a grater carrots and seasoned with lemon juice;

11:00 — Apple or any other fruit (e.g., peach;

13:00 — 100 grams of boiled meat (or fish) on grain bread with butter (just butter 10 gr);

15:00 — one egg, hard-boiled or 100 grams of cheese (you can use 100 grams of cottage cheese);

17:00 — salad from vegetables (e.g., cabbage, beet or carrot);

19:00 — 10 pieces of prunes or other dried fruit (apricots, dates, raisins), pre-soaked in warm water;

21:00 — Cup of low-fat yogurt.

Of course, this method to lose weight, like any other effective diet for weight loss prohibited to consume sweet or starchy foods, and various snack-type chips and nuts. In addition, do not drink alcohol and sweet carbonated drinks. Also banned potatoes, corn and pasta.

However, despite the list of prohibited foods, this diet is considered one of the most effective where you can achieve quick and decisive results.

Lazy diet

Doctors and nutritionists say that fast diet cleansing properties, such as the seven day, useful for the human body. The main thing that the woman was mentally determined and believed in the effectiveness of this method. It is necessary gradually and to make changes in the diet, and to limit the quantities of food. Sharply and quickly to get out of such diets is also impossible, otherwise reset overwork pounds can easily come back again. In order to weight loss has produced significant results, which will be forever, of course, it should last about six months.

So, following a few simple rules “lazy” diet allows you to lose up to 10 unwanted pounds:

Rule No. 1: Breakfast dense and carbohydrate dinner is easy with the protein component.

Oatmeal, breads, scrambled eggs are actually perfect for Breakfast. In the evening it is best to eat chicken, fish, or small amount of nonfat cottage cheese. To supper not later than 4 hours before bedtime. Try not to mix carbohydrates with protein.

Rule # 2: give up flour and sugar!

If you can not completely abandon confections and your favorite sweets, then replace them with small pieces of dark chocolate, but no more than 30 grams a day. Additionally, you can eat fruits or dried fruits — is the best opportunity to get rid of the desire to eat sweet. Instead of the ordinary bread is better to eat bread or grain.

Rule # 3: the food prepared on pair.

Limit yourself in fatty, spicy and fried. Better prepare your favorite fish or chicken for a couple. Trust me, your body will say thank you not only for weight, but for the visible cleansing of the body. Because, as you know protein foods contributes to rapid assimilation.

Rule # 4: lots of fiber.

In granules or powder fiber can be found in any pharmacy or supermarket. It has virtually no taste, so use it together with yogurt or kefir. Fiber typical cleansing ability, therefore it has beneficial effects on the intestines and stomach, taking away all the unnecessary things with you.

Rule # 5: grapefruit and celery

Our body uses to digest these foods a lot more calories than it receives from them. So when you feel hunger between meals we can safely eat half a grapefruit or celery.

ТОП - 6: самые лучшие диеты для быстрого похудения

Lazy diet

Even if you are looking for a quick and effective remedy for cleansing and weight loss, and will be able to hold on to it for the required amount of time for the desired result, it does not guarantee ultimate victory over weight. It is very important to keep the result! The main thing is to cleanse skin and significant weight loss was in the system with the correct balanced nutrition. Need to eliminate the use of convenience foods, soft drinks, bakery products and fast food. A good diet is a stable weight, which does not change dramatically within six months.

Restricted diet food

This is the most effective diet for weight loss, as it is based on one simple thought: gain weight, because eat too much. If you limit it to a moderate and balanced amount of food, then you can allow yourself a little “indulgence” food.

This, though simple at first glance, the diet is extremely difficult for those who are accustomed to eat and monitor the amount. In addition, most people are completely impulsive eating, simply drowning out the anxiety or other stress and anxiety. In spite of this, this diet is best for people who are able to control the amount eaten.

In this version of the diet you can eat at least 5 times a day, but in no event it is impossible “to spoil” to eat. You need to get up from the table with a sense of light starvation, as if it would be possible to eat something else, but perhaps that is enough. To take such a stand is quite difficult, but really is to do, if to the diet to add more vegetables and proteins.

To suppress the desire to eat much, you can use the simple tinctures for digestion. Thanks to them you will have a random feeling of satiety. Note that to effectively lay out everything you plan to eat for Breakfast, lunch or dinner only one dish and eat that food without additives.

Try to look at food as a means to satisfy hunger. If the food is bad to chew on, then our body will need more food. Therefore, for the opposite effect the best thing to chew carefully and not to hurry. It is important that food is well digested and assimilated.

What are the most effective diet and why?

Any effective diet for 7 days, for month first gives cleansing properties. Most importantly, when you do choose, remember medical rule — do no harm! Because the diet can harm health if taken too far. For example, most ways — it’s mono based on receiving only one product, so it is advisable to choose the one that will be enjoyable and quickly get bored.

The following rule — choose what rich region to the shops to find easily fresh and quality products in unlimited quantities. The only way to be confident in their purity and health benefits.

Any fast diet may be the best and most effective for you, given your individual characteristics. However, whatever it was, it’s very stressful for the body, so before you start to lose weight, go to the family doctor, who will determine whether it is possible to engage in such experiments. If you still have firmly decided, then choose the simplest to start and look at the result.

Whatever ways to lose weight is not to your liking, choose diet wisely. So, a good diet will add beauty and bring health!

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