Top 3 exercises for fantastic priests

Топ-3 упражнения для фантастической попы

From this your glutes are just rebel. Exercises involve all areas of the gluteal muscles. The main thing to perform with full dedication and not schlock.

Stop in vain to swing the legs from side to side, hoping to pump up the ass. With this approach, your buttocks will not be elastic. Take note of the complex of only three exercises. Intensively perform 20-25 reps of all 3 rounds.

Squat with a broad statement of the feet

Stand up straight. Back straight, chin slightly raised. Put his feet wider than shoulder width. Socks feet unfold out. Hands are placed freely along the body. To increase load you can pull out forward parallel to the floor or to use collaterals in the form of dumbbells, bottles of water. Slowly squat and return to starting position. With squat legs at the knee should form a right angle.

Топ-3 упражнения для фантастической попы

Dead lift

Exercise is excellent loads and is considering not only the gluteus muscles and hamstring. Stand up straight. Get your hands on the barbell, dumbbells or water bottles. Bend forward, knees straight. If you can’t keep your knees so they can bend slightly. Hand with the weight moving from the hip joint to mid-calf and back. Back straight with a natural bend in the lumbar region. During exercise make the work of the glutes and stretch the back of the thigh.

Топ-3 упражнения для фантастической попы

Gluteal bridge lying on the floor

Exercise in isolation is working the gluteal muscles that we need for a fantastic butt. Get down on the floor, his hands grab at your sides, feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees at a right angle and tear off buttocks from the floor, leaning on the foot, they can put the elevation to increase the load on the gluteal muscles. Hold this position for a few seconds, maximum clenching his buttocks. Drop the pelvis down, not touching the floor.

Топ-3 упражнения для фантастической попы

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