Top 10 folk remedies for eyelash growth

Natural ingredients act gradually but effectively and harmlessly.

Топ-10 народних засобів для росту вій

Our eyelashes require less maintenance than hair, skin or figure. Eyelashes frame our beautiful eyes, make them cuter, brighter. Cosmetic mascara will help to adjust the color, thickness and length of lashes, so every morning primping in the mirror, we use it. But the effect pleases us only temporarily. Sadly, decorative makeup have a negative impact on the natural beauty of the eyelashes.

There are some popular methods of transformation lashes, restoring their density with the use of herbs and oils. The result expect, but we need to be patient: natural ingredients act gradually but effectively and harmlessly. Of course, you can go to the beauty salon to professionals to build. But where is the guarantee that this procedure will not turn into trouble will not be the major cause of loss of eyelashes?

Method # 1:

castor oil. Unique means that a faithful assistant in the care of eyelashes is castor oil. Applying it daily, you will be able to boast luxurious long and thick lashes. Treatment with this oil is pretty simple. Clear the brush from the remnants of old hulks. Daily before bedtime, gently apply oil with the help of her lashes to the tips. If you “overdo it”, that will trigger getting oil in the eye and, consequently, irritation. After 15 minutes the remains need to be removed. In addition, castor oil has a positive effect on the skin of the eyelid and around the eyes, namely, smoothes wrinkles

Method # 2:

vaseline. This is another simple remedy for amazing results. Vaseline is used for eyelashes as easily as the previous vehicle. It is applied with a clean brush, spread across the length of the lashes. The procedure should be carried out immediately before bedtime three times a week. To handle the eyelashes with vaseline is necessary in the course of a month.

Method # 3:

burdock oil. It is used as a strong remedy against hair loss eyelashes, as well as to strengthen them. Burdock contains vitamins A, b, C, E and tannins, thanks to which is achieved by the strength of the cilia. A special brush you need to handle before bedtime cleansing eyelashes. After fifteen minutes gently with a cotton pads you need to remove the oil. If you leave the vehicle overnight, it may cause irritation.

Method # 4:

the aloe juice. Mask with the addition of vitamin A will make your lashes long and fluffy. For its preparation mix one tablespoon of castor oil with one tea spoon of aloe juice. Add to oil mixture a few drops of vitamin A. mix the Ingredients and apply on the eyelashes with a brush or cotton swab for a few hours before bedtime. Left overs to remove with a wet swab.

Method # 5:

cornflower. To stop the loss of eyelashes and strengthen them will help a decoction of flowers of cornflower. To do this, pour a Cup of boiling water teaspoon of flowers and let it brew. When the infusion has cooled slightly and is just warm, moisten it with a cotton or gauze pads and apply to the eyes. Leave the lotion for 20 minutes.

Method # 6:

uncooked potatoes. A great tool for the active eyelash growth mask on the basis of raw potatoes. Grate one potato on a grater, press out the liquid, and connect the resulting slurry with aloe juice and fresh honey. The resulting mixture was spread on folded in several layers of bandages, put on eyes and take a horizontal position for ten minutes. At the end of the procedure, rinse your eyes with peppermint extract and massage with vegetable oil with fingertips.

Method # 7:

a strong tea. You probably know such a great remedy for tired eyes, like strong tea. The fact that the growth of eyelashes depends, primarily, from the General condition of our eyes: the absence of inflammation, redness, chronic fatigue, fungal diseases. Bags sleeps strong tea, applied to the eyes, relieve puffiness, redness and helps to strengthen eyelashes.

Method # 8:

massage. To activate the growth of eyelashes, to smooth out the wrinkle should be to massage. You can handle this on my own. The main thing – to do everything very carefully and used to massage the oily money. Prepare a mixture of one tablespoon of vegetable oil and half a teaspoon of aloe juice. Such a tool should be gently rubbed into the skin of the eyelids, especially along the lash line. After 20 minutes remove with a cotton pad remaining oil.

Method # 9:

rose. To stop the loss of eyelashes would help the recipe based on the chopped rosehips to connect with burdock and sea buckthorn oil in the ratio 1:2. The finished mixture is put in a dark place to infuse for ten days. The oily part need to handle lashes every day.

Method # 10:

parsley. Parsley can not only crumble in the salad, and use for the strengthening and growth of eyelashes. Thoroughly wash the parsley leaves, prepare a thick paste and apply on closed eyelids and the area around the eyes. Additionally parsley contains powerful antioxidants, so it helps to get rid of wrinkles. This mask should be left on for 15-20 minutes. One treatment a week is more than enough for the effect.

Nature has given us the opportunity to use her gifts to care for hair, skin, body. Eyelashes also can be used to significantly transform with the help of herbal decoctions, infusions, herbal oils. Everything you need for beauty and health at your fingertips!

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