Today, on 17 may, the Day of embroidery: history and traditions of the holiday

World embroidery day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of may.

Сьогодні 17 травня, День вишиванки: історія та традиції свята

World embroidery day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of may. Embroidered day has no political overtones, the festival aims to promote Ukrainian culture and traditions, reports Rus.Media.

Day shirts: the history of the holiday

First Day shirts offered to award one of the students of the faculty of history at Chernivtsi national University in 2006. She was inspired by a friend who always wore a shirt. In that year, dressed in shirts, several students and professors of the Chernivtsi University, now the festival has acquired an international dimension.

Date is not yet official, is the new national holiday. But the prevalence of the tradition of wearing embroidered impress such variety of embroideries like the third Thursday of may, you will not see anywhere else.

This day holds exciting contests, like “Best embroidery” or “Best photo” in embroidery. In 2015 was launched the “give a shirt to the defender”, which has acquired a world scale – it was attended by about 50 countries. Shirts handed fighters of ATO, who took part in the fighting in the Donbass.

This photo embroidered spread in the network not only citizens of Ukraine but also far abroad.

Сьогодні 17 травня, День вишиванки: історія та традиції свята

History of embroidery in Ukraine has more than one thousand years. Of particular importance acquired in the last few centuries. They were mostly embroidered by the girls. For the wedding prepared a special chest in the years, collecting a dowry. The poor girl had 30-40 shirts middle class is 50-70 shirts, and the rich – 100 and more.

According to legend, a shirt for a baby was supposed to embroider the mother or grandmother. While subtle the wizard, sang songs and prayed. Believed that shirt becomes a talisman. Shirts for women only spun from hemp or flax. It was believed that these plants protect the expectant mother and her unborn child.

In the embroidery of the sacred importance of all – thread, origin of the fabric to the ornament, stitch count and color. The most ancient is embroidery white on white. But needlework was preceded by a long procedure. Threads were bleached for 3 years.

Embroidery is considered to be a talisman against everything bad that can happen in human life. It is a symbol of beauty and good health and happiness. In Ukraine embroidery also symbolizes family, memory, loyalty and love in the family. Experts believe that the Ukrainian people are trying to encode happiness, destiny, life and liberty in the ornament embroidery.

Сьогодні 17 травня, День вишиванки: історія та традиції свята

Each region had its own patterns. Easy to learn Barshcheuski embroidery of the Ternopil region. Here is dominated by black color. There is a legend that during the Tatar RAID, killed all the local men, so women from the surrounding villages swore for 7 generations to embroider only black shirts.

Bukovina shirt always with bright colors. Kosmach with orange and yellow paints. Poltava love to embroider white on white.

Had the embroiderers and their holiday – the day of the barbarians on December 17. This day could neither remove nor wash, nor the clay by kneading, and only to embroider.

Fashion embroidery

In the 19th century Ivan Franko began to combine embroidery with European dress, and founded a kind of fashion. Contemporaries recalled: “wherever he appeared, inevitably attracted the attention of his jacket and embroidered shirt under the lush collars and ties”.

In the late 19th century about the Ukrainian traditional clothing talking all of Europe, which is difficult to surprise. In 1876, Helena Petrovna published a book of Ukrainian embroideries. Ukrainian ornaments charmed the local women, and in the Ukraine started the first scientific study of embroidery.

Now the elements of Ukrainian embroidery are used in their collections of internationally recognized designers and fashion house Jean – Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, Gucci, Valentino, Dolce&Gabbana. And in 2015, American Vogue published an article in which he called Ukrainian embroidery is one of the main trends of the season.

The stars of show-business is also thrilled with the Ukrainian vyshivanok. During the Championship of Europe on football in 2012 in Ukraine, Madonna bought herself a Ukrainian embroidered shirt. Also love to wear shirts Mila kunis, Dita von Teese, Sandra bullock.

Today, girls don’t have to sew myself a shirt before the wedding – it can be easy to buy. But the tradition to embroider, too, is reborn. Master blenders combine the various ornaments and patterns, popular floral embroidery. Yes, and the cut of the shirt has changed is in step with the times. If in the old days embroidered predominantly in red, black and white thread – today palette much more.

In addition to Day shirts, Ukrainians often wear national costumes for other major holidays, state and religious, Independence Day, Constitution Day, or flag Day, Easter, Christmas.

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