Today 17 may 2018 embroidered Day: 10 little-known facts about Ukrainian embroidered ethnic wear

Vyshyvanka day, which in Ukraine is celebrated every third Thursday in may, 10 interesting and little-known facts about this traditional Ukrainian clothes.

Сьогодні 17 травня 2018 День вишиванки: 10 маловідомих фактів про український вишитий етнічний одяг

10 interesting and little-known facts about this traditional Ukrainian clothes, reports Rus.Media.

1. The embroidery is festive and not everyday clothing. In everyday life the Ukrainians wore the so-called “budynki” discreet shirt, and for the holidays, wore a richly embroidered shirt.

2. Embroidery was applied primarily with the sacred purpose as a talisman, protecting parts of the body uncovered by clothing. Some embroidery was originally created as a ritual.

3. Your special embroideries can boast of every region of Ukraine, and even some villages. Shirts may vary in style, color, pattern.

4. Previously, embroidery was exclusively female occupation. Traditionally, before you start to embroider, the girl fasted, prayed, and hand soap. Now embroider not only women but also men.

5. Embroidery one shirt can take anywhere from two weeks to three years depending on the complexity of techniques.

6. Extremely fine embroidery “white on white” was common among evropeyskoy Ukrainian nobility and gentry, which was embroidered so underwear underwear and shirts.

7. Cross stitch, which many consider traditionally Ukrainian, came to Ukraine from Europe only in the XIX century, mainly with the advent of company Brocard, who used for their perfumes promotional packaging with diagrams-embroidery.

8. In our time, researchers of embroidery employs more than 200 vintage seams on the basis 20 of embroidery techniques (including surface koloskovy seam, niz, nodules, cord, twisted seam, cutting, puncturing, goat, wicker, merezhka).

9. Popular now Maki as an element of the pattern has not been used in traditional Ukrainian embroidery, as symbolized sorrow and death, and became widespread in the late XX century.

10. Ornaments of Ukrainian embroidery recently adorn not only shirts, but also cars, household items, they are used as patterns for tattoos and manicures.

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