The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: where and when to watch the ceremony

The wedding will take place may 19.

Весілля принца Гаррі і Меган Маркл: де і коли дивитися урочисту церемонію

The wedding of Prince Harry and ex-actress of TV series “suits” Meghan Markle, which will be held may 19, will be broadcast on television and YouTube, reports Rus.Media.

According to foreign media reports, the official right to broadcast the ceremony received several British and American television – NBC, ABC, BBC, CBS and PBS. Also behind the Royal wedding can be seen on YouTube.

In addition, broadcast the event to the site

It is known that the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle will begin with an exchange of vows in the chapel of St. George at 12:00 London time, and in Kiev at 14.00.

At the celebration invited 600 guests.

Earlier it was reported that the couple has already chosen the crew for a wedding. Moreover, Harry and Megan have already decided on the place, where they will spend the honeymoon. The couple will travel to Namibia (Africa). Say, Harry already chose the hotel – Hoanib Valley Camp.

Note that after the wedding She will wear the title of “her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales”.

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