The sex of the future: what role will it play in people’s lives

Секс будущего: какую роль он будет играть в жизни людей

In today’s world every sphere of life have been developing so rapidly that sometimes we can’t keep up this pace. Everything is changing so fast that our ancestors probably were very surprised to see the picture of the relationship between contemporary couples.

Doctor of sociological Sciences and a Professor of psychology and sexology Evgeniy Kashchenko said about why women do not want anything from men, what is the role of sex today and what will replace sex with your partner.

Media wrote that the new generation growing up in the era of the boom of social networks, more infantile, and later ages. Including not committed to family or even just to a serious sexual relationship. Do you notice this and what you think is the reason?

— Yes, today’s teenagers are quite different. They do not perceive family as a form of mutual support, a way to survive in this world. In Soviet society, the family was given the opportunity to engage in sexual practice legally. Now this is not true: if there are cybersex, online chat and Dating you can have sex anywhere at any time.

If we talk about the need for love between boys and girls and between boys and girls, this is probably the biggest loss of modern society. Because with so much information flow, which falls on them for feelings no time.

And the psychology of the consumer so eats up a modern young man, it’s time for love often remains.

But the need to love and be loved in fact is not going away.

— I want to believe that all this still exists. But suppressed the abundance of other needs.

— What else sexually is changing with the advent of new technologies, the digitalization of society, the widespread use of the Internet?

— Lost sense of responsibility in tandem, each thinks only of himself. Marriages are less common, selfishness breaks the sense of responsibility, and children, their upbringing, are at an end.

— The fact that the availability of pornography has increased, also because the effect, right?

— All right. The opportunity came free, and the examples that exist in pornprostate not always desirable for a young psyche. When a man looks to solve his issues with Masturbation is one thing. Another thing, when the 12 – or 10-year-old looks up and tries to match the characters on the screen. It’s just scary.

— How do you assess the future prospects? Sex costumes, interactives, robots. Able, in your opinion, to push sex with a live partner?

— I think so. As a whole, however, will never be destroyed, still remains, of course, good and bright. A lot will depend on the effects on people, especially in adolescence.

If people give it time to live with a sense of love, pass the stage of Platonic, erotic, sexy, it will remain for the rest of life is good, that Foundation of sexual development. And then let them be robots and pornography.

This is all going to fall into a healthy body, a healthy human psyche.

— How all this threatens women? If there is a failsafe robot or program, why to care, to give gifts, to endure the whims, to build relationships? How, in your opinion, for women to be in such a world?

— Women now and don’t want to have from men. Because they don’t want anyone to give gifts. Women all the same, the same vibrators, Dildo.

But it seems that women are largely designed by nature for a relationship of love, no?

— Previously I also thought so. And now I see that there are new generations of women who are determined that they can do without men.

— Does this mean that we are waiting for the planet-wide demographic crisis?

— Not necessarily. There are also sperm banks, artificial insemination.

— Spread surrogacy? There will be more fathers and single mothers?

— Yes, maybe even more incubators. The incubators for the birth, then kindergartens, orphanages and hospitals. Will continue to select those most capable to creative work. Who is not interested in this — will simply eat and drink, will be consumers. The fact that in the last century described by science fiction, is now acceptable. And as I said in the last century a great psychologist Kolesov, “silently watching herds of people will walk the earth”.

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