The reverse side of the business: Cool HOME furniture ESPECIAL

Изнанка бизнеса: Классная мебель ESPECIAL HOME

Andrey and Yana Tarasova — the creators of cool Ukrainian brand ESPECIAL HOME.

Us edition Clutch, it seems that there are no people who once sat on soft couches, presented in a multi-brand store ESPECIAL HOME. It is known that all the furniture E. H. made of high quality materials, but any “test” done their business?

Say, any project starts with solving the problem. Which problem solves the ESPECIAL HOME?

— Knowing a lot about design, having its own production of furniture, collaborating with the best of the best, we aim to introduce European fashion furniture in our country. Thus we help the client to design your interior with a twist and fill it with originality, combined with the quality interior.

Изнанка бизнеса: Классная мебель ESPECIAL HOME

Famous sofas ESPECIAL HOME

What has changed since the launch of the ESPECIAL HOME today?

Over this time we have done a lot, and you can brag! It all started the Internet-shop, now we have an interesting showroom and we are proud of our own production!

Of just important, what we did for a short time, there is something that we have become official representatives of the Spanish brand of exclusive furniture luxury — Lola Glamour, the Portuguese company Boca do Lobo and many successful Ukrainian companies!

What challenges have you faced on the way of development of the project?

Difficulties in the way was and is very much like any other business.

But you can highlight few main:

  1. The external factor. The country’s economy is in crisis. The rise of the dollar, increase in utility tariffs, inflation… all this leads to a decrease in purchasing power.
  2. Internal factor. We are constantly updating our list of partners, somebody new and interesting, but there are times that some manufacturers do not comply with the stated terms of production, the result is an angry customer, and we are very worried about our customers and our corporate image, so try to avoid such situations. If the manufacturer repeats the error of our way, we will stop working.


When originated the plan to produce our own furniture?

The decision to launch your own line of furniture was the lack on the market of the Ukrainian manufacturers of interior items that we want to see in the store. And we understand that the quality and production time depend solely on us, not from our partners. It’s much easier to control the manufacturing of products at all stages: from drawing to delivery to the client.

Изнанка бизнеса: Классная мебель ESPECIAL HOME

Comfortable chairs ESPECIAL HOME

How affordable your designer items?

All children represented in our store is more than reasonable, if compared with European production, no shipping costs and no additional taxation, and the quality is not inferior to European production.

Also on the website there is a section of “Elite art objects”, all objects presented in this section, Spanish and Portuguese production that are made by hand in Spanish and Portuguese factories, and have no analogues in the world. In the manufacture of its furniture of our European partners use extremely expensive solid wood, ecological varnish or oil, and gold leaf. Such art objects produced for the true connoisseurs of modern and exclusive furniture European production. Prices range from 1 500 to 98 000 Euro.

What is the motto of your company?


Изнанка бизнеса: Классная мебель ESPECIAL HOME

Tables for a large company ESPECIAL HOME

What are the criteria modern consumer chooses the furniture? How do you meet these requests?

The criteria and tastes of each consumer are different, definitely hard to say. You can emphasize a few key criteria that every wants to see:

  1. A clearly defined production time;
  2. The quality of the product;
  3. Price.

We do our best to satisfy customer requests for the above criteria, and the rest is individually for each request.

What style is the most popular among Ukrainians?

Today in Ukraine can be traced to the demand for good domestic producer. Ukrainian manufacturers offer natural wood furniture, plywood and other eco — friendly materials, made in modern design and uncompromising quality! Their talent sells stylish, authentic and exclusive interior. Now are very popular such styles as: new York, (loft), vintage, industrial style, futurism, shabby chic (shabby chic), Scandinavian, minimalism, modern, patchwork, hi-tech, Provence. Classic style is also interesting for Ukrainians, but for the young people preferred these styles.

Изнанка бизнеса: Классная мебель ESPECIAL HOME

How do you help people to decide on fundamental changes in the repair? Because, as a rule, people tend to the usual simple solutions in the interior, afraid to make mistakes.

Drastic changes people, basically, offer designers and design studios with which we cooperate. We offer clients and designers a versatile range of furniture, decor, accessories, etc. in order to realize the picture drawn by a designer, into reality.

A few words about the unusual order, made in ESPECIAL HOME.

As we already have their production, and a bestseller is our Desk, we were approached by a company that is located in Odessa. For their employees they are not desktops, but the conference table in this style, they could not find. We developed a prototype of a large conference table and brought it to life. Nice to know that fully satisfied the client’s request and now our tables are employed this company.

Изнанка бизнеса: Классная мебель ESPECIAL HOME


What do you think, with the arrival in Ukraine of Scandinavian furniture giant IKEA, the demand for Ukrainian producers will fall?

With the appearance on the market of IKEA and the development of the hypermarket format furniture such as “4room”, “Diamant” etc. will eliminate the need for a large number of small branded showrooms of furniture. Competition with large furniture stores and IKEA will survive the shops, exclusive of furniture, because they clearly cater to a specific audience. Based on this, we can conclude that we have an audience that loves individuality and chooses only the exclusive, interesting furniture.

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