The nature of the child hair color: interesting facts

Характер ребенка по цвету волос: интересные факты

Many psychologists say that hair color, like eye color, nose shape and location of moles, you can learn about the nature of the child. Read more in the material. Match?

Dark hair

Характер ребенка по цвету волос: интересные факты

Children with dark hair are often characterized by aggressiveness, stubbornness and aggressiveness. On the one hand that’s good, because such children are easier to set goals and achieve them. But on the other hand, the desire to attack and show aggression adversely affects the life of the child, and others.

In addition, these children often are friendly sociability. Child of brunette most “soul of the company”, so it is important that the baby spent time with their peers, and it is better that he was not the only child in the family.

Blonde hair

Характер ребенка по цвету волос: интересные факты

Fair-haired children (from Golden to dark brown) is usually less sociable than brown-haired and brunettes. Often they are modest, shy, but very good. Although sometimes manifest the opposite qualities — anger, irritability, rudeness.

Also fair-haired children are optimists, visionaries, dreamers, sometimes not distinguishing the truth from the fiction. And often it helps them to live — they all see something good and live positive. Blonde children need love, support and understanding from parents, but they are not just consumers — they more than give it back.

Red hair

Характер ребенка по цвету волос: интересные факты

At red kids often eccentric in nature, they can be slightly erratic and eccentric. However, they have a sense of humor and easy attitude to life, what would they have to learn. Often red-haired children see the danger even in ordinary things and try to build a defense. In this, he must help parents — don’t dishonor the fears of the baby, and help him to master any of the methods of protection, otherwise the child will not feel psychologically comfortable.

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