The nature of the child and day of the week, in which he was born. Match?

Характер ребенка и день недели, в который он родился. Совпало?

Numerologists claim that the day of the week in which the child was born affect his character.


People born on Monday, are under the protection of the moon and have a great imagination and creative abilities. Say, people of the moon can achieve in life everything that I want, if I can only understand what they really want. They are open and extremely emotional, prone to frequent mood swings. Flexible in nature, they can get along with almost anyone. Most successful people born on Monday are making in the arts and Humanities.


Tuesday is the day, which is under the auspices of Mars. In this day are born warriors. But do not take this statement literally. The idea is that these people are courageous, purposeful and active. Maximalists in everything, the men of Mars brought to the end, all that they came from. But if they have the slightest doubt of success, they fall into apathy and not trying to do anything in the “non-winning” direction.


Wednesday is the day that under his patronage took mercury. Wednesday are born smart and dual personality. People mercury luck in trade, marketing and advertising business, that is, wherever need good judgment and good judgment is the main “chip” born on Wednesday. They are distinguished by sharp wit and a rare ability to look at questions from different points of view. As a rule, born in the environment is very contradictory. For example, they live according to the plan made in childhood, and while they may be enemies of permanence.


Thursday – the day ruled by Jupiter, who is also called father of the gods, are born people, which can later become a talented administrators, excellent organizers, managers, politicians, and religious figures. People Thursday incredibly stubborn, at times with their stubbornness it seems unreasonable, but to everyone’s surprise, most of the time they are right. Their disadvantages include a tendency to exaggerate, which often leads to overestimation of your capabilities.


Friday is under the patronage of Venus. Almost always born on this day beautiful, charming and charismatic. Ever since childhood, the people of Venus see what their purpose is to be happy and to teach this art to others. They feel good, just being in a comfortable environment. Controversial people Friday can be both good and bad, stubborn and accommodating, in General, just what they want.


On Saturday, the day of Saturn, born of a strong and powerful people. It is believed that those born on Saturday carry the karma of all kinds. They are intelligent, smart, hard-working and, as a rule, achieve a stable position in society. But in private life they often have no luck. Saturday most often born long-lived, which, by the way, in old age carries more than in his youth.


Sunday is the day of the Sun. Those born under the sign of the Sun is always full of energy. In ancient times it was believed that those born under the sign of the Sun love to play the gods themselves. To them by right of birth given everything out of proportion and physical beauty, power, kindness, and charm, and this sverhodarennym can play a cruel joke with them. People of the Sun since childhood, they’re used to getting everything without effort, and by mid-life is that many of them are so self-absorbed and so accustomed to getting everything for nothing, that the slightest difficulties for which we need hard work and patience, they are irresistible.

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