The national headgear of Ukrainian women: history and tradition

Once married, a woman must cover the head, and to appear without a hat meant to embarrass themselves.

Національні головні убори українок: історія та традиції


Національні головні убори українок: історія та традиції

Very interesting selection, the color combination and the arrangement of the ribbons in the wreath. To the flowered head of a young girl tied the ribbon 12 colors. Each of them served as a healer and talisman, protecting the hair from the evil eye.

Tapes were selected according to the length of the hair girls and made them slightly longer braids to hide it among the colorful flowers.

Ancient women’s headdress throughout Ukraine and all the Eastern Slavs had long panel: haze, a type of scarves. Haze made of fine yarn and the ends were decorated with woven or embroidered patterns. The ornament on the fabric, the manner of tying and methods of laying — it all depended on location and individual taste of the hostess.


Національні головні убори українок: історія та традиції

As a rule, Ukrainian women have combined two hats: the haze, which could have more than three meters length, which was tied on her cap, cap made from brocade or velvet. Then came the handkerchief, which was tied just on the hair.

In peasant life, the handkerchief has played a role as ritual symbols. She covered the bread used in the wedding ritual: the bride gave a hand-embroidered handkerchief to his sweetie, bandaging his arm. Many folk songs are composed on headscarves as a symbol of the love between a girl and a guy. Many tears broken hearts in separation or infidelity wept in the traditional handkerchief.


Національні головні убори українок: історія та традиції

Headdress Cibulka, homika, HOMS in its simplest form has the shape of a Hoop or arc turned back. Him Ukrainian women cheat hair. Cibulka served as a frame for the top of the headdress.

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