The most contaminated countries in the world

The cleanest countries on the planet are in Africa.

Найбільш забруднені країни світу

Environmental pollution and a bad environment is a problem which scientists call the most relevant for humanity today. Recently, the joint group of scientists from the organization “The Eco Experts” analyzed the data of the environmental situation in all countries of the world, making this graphics card, with the aim to visually demonstrate the situation, reports Rus.Media.

For this purpose they used the most recent data from the International energy Agency and the world health organization. Consideration was given to such factors as:

1. energy consumption per capita;

2. the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels per capita;

3. status of air pollution, various harmful emissions;

4. the number of deaths per 100,000 population related to air pollution;

5. the development of renewable energy.

Найбільш забруднені країни світу

In the end, it turned out that in recent years India, China and USA the most dirty countries are no longer, they did not even make the top ten “environmental offenders”.

But the “toxic” state, according to experts at Eco, today, were in Saudi Arabia. It has the highest rates of air pollution, much narrower “pereplyunuv” India and China — countries that are traditionally considered the dirtiest.

Near Saudi Arabia left Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Turkmenistan, Libya, Kazakhstan, Trinidad and Tobago, who entered the top ten most toxic countries in the world.

Найбільш забруднені країни світу

Ukraine from the point of view of ecology were on the same level with Poland, Estonia, Belgium and Hungary, showing better results than in Belarus and Russia.

Найбільш забруднені країни світу

But the cleanest countries on the planet are in Africa. The palm from the point of view of the environmental situation, scientists have given Kenya – today it is the cleanest country in the world.

In addition to her top ten “green” countries include Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Cameroon, Zambia, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Brazil and the Congo. Thus, the only pure non-African States are Indonesia and Brazil.

Найбільш забруднені країни світу

It turns out that today, for a breath of clean air and water should go to the African continent, but the country is engaged in mining, processing and oil and gas exports, demonstrate the worst environmental performance.

In a press release, John whiting, one of the leaders of the project “The Eco Experts” noted that according to the study they wanted to confound all violators of the laws of climate.

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