The MINISTRY of health still do not know what poisoned the school students in Cherkasy

The MINISTRY of health called the cause of mass poisoning of children in Cherkasy on may 8.

У МОЗ досі не знають, чим отруїлися школярі в Черкасах

The health MINISTRY is still unable to identify the cause of poisoning of 49 children and 4 adults at a school meeting in Cherkassy on may 8. While the affected children are discharged from hospital, reports Rus.Media.

About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of health.

Cherkasy regional laboratory center of the Ministry made a fence of soil, water, air the day of the incident. Laboratory tests of air and soil showed no critical content no harmful compounds that could cause poisoning.

“Water and air are safe for hygiene indicators”, – stated in the message of the Ministry.

“The establishment of the final causes toxic reactions dealt with by the authorities”, – said the MINISTRY of health.

On the morning of 17 may in the hospital are three students from among those who become ill on the line, but this is not due to poisoning.

Recall that in Cherkasy was discharged from the hospital all the victims of a mysterious poisoning at the line.

The security service of Ukraine does not rule out that the mass poisoning of students in school №8 of the city of Cherkassy on the ruler in honour of Day of memory and reconciliation can be a diversion.

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