The man and the Flower: a wise tale that will make you think

Человек и Цветок: мудрая сказка, которая заставит задуматься

Instructive story of Anna Gusarova’s intrigue and makes you rethink things in life.

There once was a man. Usually, such people. He lived a good life, was sociable, worked a lot, never did anything wrong, revered God and was in all respects a positive neighbor and family man.

This man had a wonderful garden. And once in his birthday in this garden suddenly bloomed extraordinary beauty flower. He was so beautiful and amazing that no other flower in all the world could match him. Man, seeing this flower in my garden, of course, greatly surprised, yet very happy and realized that this is a gift of God that is deserved reward for all his achievements, for his hard work and for what he always was a good man and no one did evil.

Since that day the flower was the most beautiful and most valuable, what was in that garden in his life. People loved this flower and was very proud of them. At first he even a little afraid, that flower something will happen and it will cease to bloom. But as the days passed, the man carefully took care of the flower is watered and raked the soil, protected from the scorching sun on hot days, protected from pests. Which is why the flower became more beautiful and more beautiful and gradually the fears of man are gone.

Nothing so loved in my life, people like to admire their flower, its reward and honored the divine gift. After a hard day he came into the garden and sat for hours and stared at the flower, enjoying its beauty. But one day the man fell ill. The disease was very heavy, so heavy that even stepping back, she took his sight forever. When the man woke up after an illness and realized that he is blind, he went mad! He couldn’t believe it! He asked me to bring him to his flower. And though he couldn’t see! He was crying and screaming! Because now life has lost meaning.

He couldn’t understand why, why God is not fair, because he did nothing wrong. Why he first made him such a gift, and then brutally deprived him of the opportunity to enjoy it. The man continued to scream and cry as suddenly his nose felt wonderful, incredibly pleasant aroma. It was the aroma of the flower that early man just didn’t notice. And in that moment, he could feel, he realized — it’s not a flower was created by God as a reward to man, and man was created to take care of a beautiful flower.

Anna Gusarova

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