The cardiologist says you 100% drink water at the wrong time! That’s when you have!

Recently accepted to think that all of us need to drink more water.

Кардіолог говорить, що ви 100% п&#039єте воду не вчасно! Ось коли треба!

In fact, any doctor will tell you that it is sufficient for a maximum of 2 litres of water a day. Everything else just creates unnecessary strain on the kidneys, informs news, Ukrmedia.

But the main thing is not even HOW to drink water, and then WHAT TIME to do it.

This is the best time for this from the point of view of cardiologists:

1. First drink 2 glasses of water immediately after waking up – this will help to “run” literally all the internal organs.

2. 1 glass of water should always drink 30 minutes before eating. This will help to speed up the metabolism and improve the digestive organs in General.

3. Drink 1 glass of water before taking a bath. This will help you to have fun and lower your blood pressure.

4. 1 glass of water right before bed allows you to not only sleep better, but also reduces the load on the heart. If you make yourself a habit every day, the risk of heart attack in your sleep will decrease by 95%.

By the way, another plus of this habits, the opportunity to prevent the leg cramps at night.

This is important information: it may one day save someone’s life!

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