The American television producer died from the explosion of electronic cigarettes

Американский телепродюсер погиб от взрыва электронной сигареты

38-year-old American TV producer Telmig D’elia due to the fact that his electronic device suddenly exploded.

D’elia died on Saturday, may 5, but this became known only a few hours ago. The man’s body was found in the bedroom of his burning house in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, reports the U.S. division of the air force.

Skull TV producer medical examiners found fragments of a device for Smoking. In addition, 38-year-old Talmidge D’elia received 80% body burns.

It was the first death due to the explosion of electronic cigarettes in the United States.

According to the us publication The New York Tomes, electronic cigarette smoke Mountain was made in the Philippines. Shortly after the tragedy received worldwide publicity, a company spokesman said that their devices do not explode. According to him, to provoke the fire could atomizer which the smoker inserts into the mouth, or the battery.

Американский телепродюсер погиб от взрыва электронной сигареты

Telmig D’elia

Telmig D’elia was born on 16 December 1979 in Leonardtown, Maryland. He grew up on the Islands of Solomons, Maryland. In 1998 he became a graduate of the Key school in Annapolis, Maryland, and in 2002 he graduated from the University at Albany SUNY.

Throughout his life, the man spent teleproduction. D’elia worked in programs NY1 News, CNBC, and NBC Universal, where he held the position of technical Manager for the production of morning business show Squawk Box.

Earlier in Moscow has died the head Театр.doc Elena Gremin.

See video on how electronic cigarette exploded smokers Evan Salinger in person:

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