Than to fuel up before a workout: tips Miroslava Alaninol

Чем "заправиться" перед тренировкой: советы Мирославы Ульяниной

Host of the show she zvazheni schaslivi Miroslav Ulyanina told that you can eat before training.

The main recommendation from the blogger to the question of combining food and sports — no eating before the lesson. Physical activity to distract the body from the digestion process. As a result, there is an unpleasant feeling of heaviness during exercise. However, the exercise will not interfere with complete digestion. The best time for a meal before sports is 1.5-2 hours.

What can I eat before a workout

• carbohydrates, they replenish muscle glycogen and provide the body with energy: cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal, brown rice), fruits, unleavened bread, smoothie;

• proteins (Supplement to carbohydrates): fish, eggs, cheese, granular, tofu, legumes. So we should not forget about vegetables.

Чем "заправиться" перед тренировкой: советы Мирославы Ульяниной

Forbidden foods before class

Simple carbohydrates, they dramatically increase the level of glucose in the blood, after them comes fast fading and fatigue. These include sugar and sweets.

“If you exercise early in the morning — small snack 30-40 minutes before training. That is, to get up, drink water with lemon, eat a small snack. Options: unsweetened yogurt with berries, porridge, fruit smoothies”.

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