Test drive the editor: What is IQOS and who needs it

Тест-драйв редакции: Что такое IQOS и кому он нужен

Girls from edition Clutch lived for a week with IQOS and told about their experiences.

To smoke or not to smoke? The question, which from time to time set every smoker. This dilemma is especially relevant for girls. Health care and attractive appearance is a must – have in the modern world. But habit is habit. Smoke after a hard day a cigarette on the balcony and relieve the stress of the day – a kind of meditation. And it wins all the warnings of the Ministry of health.

There is a notion of “psychological dependence”. That is about the smokers in our women’s edition. And how would “electronic” or wapow we tried – all in vain. To replace the beloved ritual they are not. Learning about IQOS, decided to give the gadget a chance – well, what if?

Тест-драйв редакции: Что такое IQOS и кому он нужен

The easiest way to buy IQOS on the official website

For starters, what IQOS?

IQOS is heating tobacco. When using the gadget stands out on 90-95% less harmful substances due to the absence of combustion processes. Another “plus” of the device – with IQOS, you can enjoy the real taste of tobacco.

And honestly, for us the main thing was that the clothes, hair and hands smelled of cigarettes. It is hard to imagine, right? IQOS can be safely used indoors. For example, to prepare this material and not run out for a smoke break on the balcony. The technology eliminates passive Smoking and safe for the environment.

Тест-драйв редакции: Что такое IQOS и кому он нужен

In the process of using IQOS is allocated to 90-95% less harmful substances than regular cigarettes

Test drive edition


“IQOS looks very stylish. The little white gadget will fit in any purse and even coat pocket or jeans. Besides, it is incredibly convenient and easy to use” — Jack, journalist Сlutch.

Smell and feel

“For me the decisive factor was the lack of odor in the apartment and the office. In the morning, not overpowering the taste of cigarettes. It seems that even fewer coughing,” adds Eugene.

Тест-драйв редакции: Что такое IQOS и кому он нужен

75% of smokers who have tried IQOS, stayed with him

We should also say about the taste of IQOS. We have tried menthol and regular sticks. They are very different among themselves, and especially from regular cigarettes. But it is the taste of this tobacco, without any admixture of smoke and burnt paper. Regular sticks have hints of floral aroma, menthol leaves a pleasant fresh aftertaste and not like the menthol in cigarettes. Honestly, the taste IQOS need to get used to. It is much softer and is fundamentally different from cigarettes.

“At first the taste seems to be very unusual. But after a taste, a regular cigarette Smoking is not desirable. They begin to taste bitter and seem to be too heavy” —editor headings, Show business, Tatiana.

How to use the gadget?

Тест-драйв редакции: Что такое IQOS и кому он нужен

5 million smokers around the world give up cigarettes in favor of IQOS

The IQOS kit contains a charger (charger), holder (holder) to sticks, cleaning kit, power adapter and cable. To use the gadget, you will need special sticks. Now available in 3 flavors: regular tobacco (lighter and more saturated) and menthol.

Where to buy and try?

The easiest way to buy IQOS online on the official website. There you can order a free test drive of the device. Fill out the form, and gadget brought right to your door in 5 days.

Also test the device in the company store IQOS Space.

More good news — more than 300 institutes all over Ukraine (140 of them in Kiev – approx.ed) declared himself IQOS Friendly. There can be free to use IQOS, buy sticks to it, take a spare device or charge your.

The verdict of the editor — it seems that the world finally saw a worthy replacement for cigarettes.

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