Suprun said, can we drink water during meals

Drink water during a meal is really not bad.

Супрун розповіла, можна пити воду під час їжі

About this on his page in Facebook said the VA. the Minister of health Suprun, reports Rus.Media.

However, she stressed that the main rule is to drink water when I want.

“Consume enough fluids is important for people of any age. Should drink when we are thirsty, regardless of meals. There is no single fluid intake, because our need for hydration depends on the temperature and humidity around, our activity, physical condition (e.g., pregnant women and nursing mothers need to drink more), and the food we eat,” said Suprun.

“A reliable indicator of adequate hydration is urine color – it should be straw-yellow color. The dark color indicates a strong lack of water. However, the elderly and children from clearly seeing the body signals thirst, and more at risk of dehydration. Therefore, they need to be reminded about drinking”, she said.

Suprun also added that the body of children contain more water than adults. Therefore, the loss of water for them is more critical.

“Children actively moving, and lose more moisture through the skin. Children who drank enough in tests for attention and memory have had the best results. Lack of hydration leads to constipation, poor digestion, aggression and just seemingly unreasonable whims. Children are advised to consume water throughout the day and especially during active play or sports,” he told her.

According to Suprun, common standards of consumption of fluid is not, but you can specify something like:

Children from 8 months – 150ml/kg of body weight per day;

Preschoolers – 100 ml/kg of body weight per day;

Teens – 50 ml/kg of body weight per day.

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