Summer benefit: learn English in Malta

Лето с пользой: курсы английского на Мальте

Our special travel-Explorer Larisa Budina did a column about the holidays that you can spend with use for yourself.

For those who are not used to limit your summer vacation hotel room, sunbed and pool bar, and even loves to spend vacation with the maximum benefit – Malta ideal. This small island is filled with abundant English language schools where round the year, thousands of adults and children to get their portion of knowledge, as well as to enjoy the beautiful beaches and interesting attractions.

English language courses in Malta available without age restrictions, no matter you are 5 years old or 55, you just learn the alphabet or want to prepare for the IELTS test, everyone here will test and send to the group by age and level of proficiency. In the summer almost all schools open short-term courses lasting from 1 week, usually 4 or 6 (intensive) lessons every day, so to speak, before lunch, worked, worked, and then the sea, castles, palaces.

Лето с пользой: курсы английского на Мальте

Malta is open to all

The cost of English language courses varies from 150 to 300 euros per week, depending on season, school, number of hours, length of stay. Upon completion of the course, each student, regardless of duration, will receive a diploma. Indisputable advantage is the fact that the entire population of Malta speaks English (this country until recently was a colony of Britain), so practice outside of school are also provided. Typically, schools offer housing options to a few students, to the departure of 5 stars every whim, as they say. All schools periodically organize trips after school or on weekends, if your English is still not good enough to ask where to go, or you just don’t like to zamorachivatsya organise – join such excursions. Most schools are located in the towns of St Julian’s (the Mecca of European youth in the summer), Sliema, Valetta (capital of Malta), but the division of the city here is very conditional, because the country only some 316 km2. So, if you liked the housing adjacent to the selected school town – feel free to book, you will not notice as the bus will whisk you to the right place.

Лето с пользой: курсы английского на Мальте

Incredible Malta

To book a place on the course can independently (all schools very quickly respond to queries and provide any necessary information), and contact agencies in your home country who also can arrange everything for you, but, of course, for a fee.

Of the obvious advantages of English courses in Malta are:

  • The cost of courses is on average 30% cheaper compared with the rates in other English-speaking countries;
  • High level of teaching. All schools are licensed by the Ministry of education of Malta;
  • Very high level of security in the country. Locals say that until recently the whole country was only 2 police cars in greater numbers just haven’t had the need;
  • Leisure activities outside of school for any taste. Beautiful beaches, diving, historical sights and of course the exuberant nightlife.

Hope you have a doubt where to improve my English, and however great summer, but the beaches and beautiful locations of Malta we will write.

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