Suddenly blocked ears can indicate a number of problems

Very often this symptom is people don’t pay attention

Раптово закладені вуха можуть свідчити про низку проблем

Very often this symptom is people not paying attention. Like, okay, when the ear — pass! But doctors-otolaryngologists do not advise you to ignore such symptom.

What signals the stuffy ear and can do at home to help this?

– Why the ear sometimes lays?

– To lay the ear can, when it starts runny nose, stuffy nose, – and then the eardrum is retracted, too, and no ventilation. Therefore, we must first treat colds, and it will pass. At home, for example, you can do inhalation — breathing over the steam dissolved in soda water or cooked potatoes-just helps. To lay the ear may due to a sharp blowing of the nose. Hypertensive heart disease can also give this feeling, especially when the pressure increases.

— However, what dangers can prevent this symptom?

— The threat of sudden planting of the ears, which occurs at full health. Now is very common problem of loss of hearing acuity over long-term use of headphones, because all the young people now goes to them and listening to loud music in such a way pristuplyuk the severity of their auditory receptors. Usually this is an irreversible process. So lorv through hearing loss or loss treat young patients, in 20 — 40 years.

In the heat we’ll leave the rest to water. Those who have ear wax build-up, we must beware getting water in the ears. Because it may be a blocked ear until the hearing loss, since the sulfur that is in the ear, can form a pressure sore. And this is one of the lightest of the symptoms, for if the cork is removed, then once a person hears. But when a man is ill and had some defect of the ear (this can be a perforation of the eardrum), when water entering the ear canal to cause inflammation. Therefore in no event it is impossible to dive into the water. Also, do not rinse with water sore ear if it implies the pus. Yet very often the cause of Foundation of the ears can be fungal diseases, which when injected into the ears of the water exacerbated.

— You mentioned blockage. Why it occurs and how to remove it?

— Cerumen himself is a physiological protective process, not some kind of pathology. Only if someone has a narrowed ear canal, the tube can not go out alone. To get rid of this situation in a clinic where a qualified doctor will wash the ear. By the way, to clean the ear canal different needles, pins, matches, cotton balls for ears not recommended. Because if there’s blockage, you agree to it tastewhat further and can be inflammation. Therefore, it is not desirable in this method to clean the ears.

— How to check hearing, when the person realizes that was bad to hear?

— In the audiology office, where the doctor-audiologist will make a survey in the form of an audiogram, and in the case of detected problems will be directed to the appropriate treatment. But if you lost hearing, without any apparent reason should immediately contact the doctor for an examination. Because most start treatment, the easier and faster it will be possible to restore hearing.

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