Significant events may 17: the Day embroidered

Embroidery is considered a talisman of negativity, is a symbol of beauty and good health, and good fortune.

Знаменні події 17 травня: День вишиванки

Every year on the third Thursday of may is the international day shirts, reports Rus.Media.

In 2006, one of the students of the faculty of history, Chernivtsi national University, invited to celebrate the international day of embroidery. The student was inspired by her friend who always wore a shirt. In 2006, dressed in shirts, several students and faculty members.

The following year, the holiday shirts were only in Chernivtsi national University, but a year later it has spread to all educational institutions of Ukraine.

In 2014 there was a competition for the best family photos in embroidery. In 2015 was the beginning of “give a shirt to the defender,” during which embroidery was handed over to soldiers who took part in the fighting in Eastern Ukraine. The campaign became global. It was attended by about fifty countries around the world.

Another tradition is the parade of embroidery.

* * *

Today is one of the largest Christian holiday that is celebrated on the fortieth day after Easter the ascension of the Lord.

The title of this feast conveys the essence and meaning of the celebration. According to the Scriptures, on the fortieth day after the celebration of the Jewish Passover, Jesus Christ went with his apostolate on the mount of olives. There he separated himself from the ground and in the cloud ascended straight to heaven. After this, the son of God took the place at the right hand of her beloved Father and prepared to reign over the whole Earth. Accordingly, the Ascension can be considered a guarantee that the souls will be saved from sin and death and ascend to heaven.

The number 40 – is not accidental. Throughout Sacred history it was the time of the great feats. According to the law of Moses in the 40th day, the children had to bring their parents to the temple for the Lord. And now the fortieth day after the Resurrection, after the new birth, Jesus Christ had to enter the heavenly temple of the Father as the Savior of mankind.

This celebration is an expression of hope that from now on all people, believers in Christ, the way is open to heaven, where Christ first offered vipline and restored human nature.

In the folk calendar day of the ascension was the day of memory of dead parents and ancestors. In order to appease them and also the field of spirits, believers baked pancakes, cooked eggs, fried eggs and ate it at home and in the field, in between work, as the feast of the ascension coincides with the middle of the field work.

In memory of the ascension was baked in large oblong cakes, upper crust of which were laid across the beams (not more than seven, as it was believed that there are seven heavens). These pies are brought into the Church, and they have made moleben, after which one part of them was given a parable and the other poor. These pies were called ladders, listovkami, lestnitsami.

Signs of the holiday:

It is believed that on Ascension day, nothing to do around the house, otherwise bad luck will haunt you all year.

What will not ask in this day in prayer with the Lord, is necessarily true, just don’t need to ask a lot of money and wealth.

If the Ascension will rain – to crop failures and generally does not Bode well, only disease.

If after the ascension will stand constant heat then you can safely go for a swim, not thinking about being sick.

If the chicken is this day laid an egg, it should not be there. You must read an incantation over him from various troubles and take to the attic. Then no one can harm you or damage until the egg is in your attic.

The Ascension was made a few twigs of birch to the usual braid braid, and guessing, that’s such an interesting way, will the girl get married this year. If 10 days before the feast of the Trinity, these birch branches will not wither, weddings this year have to be.

* * *

In 2006, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 17 may as world telecommunication and information society.

Until 2006 this day was celebrated as international telecommunication day or world day of telecommunications. This holiday was celebrated since 1969 by decision of the session of the Administrative Council of the International telecommunication Union. The date is chosen due to the fact that on 17 may 1865, after two and a half months of difficult negotiations, in Paris was signed the first international Telegraph Agreement, and founded the international Telegraph Union, since 1932 – the international Telecommunication Union.

Now it is a professional holiday of all programmers, system administrators, Internet service providers, web designers, editors of Internet publications and all other people involved in the field of information technology. And the purpose of this event was to raise awareness about the opportunities that can bring societies and countries, the use of the Internet and information and communication technologies (ICT), as well as on ways to overcome the “digital divide”.

The theme of 2018: to Ensure positive results from the use of artificial intelligence for all.

* * *

By the way, in 1991, this day was important and significant in the lives of all users of the world wide Web due to one event: a first Internet server.

* * *

The idea of establishing may 17 as the International day against homophobia filed by a French writer and scientist Louis Georges Ten. The main objective of this was to attract public attention to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals, especially in those countries where sexuality is still considered taboo, and sexual minorities subjected to discrimination. The day was chosen by chance – it was on 17 may 1990 the General Assembly of the world health organization removed homosexuality from list of mental illnesses.

Also on this day…

In 1718, an English lawyer James Pack patented the world’s first machine gun.

1749 – born Edward Jenner, an English physician, surgeon and Creator of the smallpox vaccine.

1792 – hiding from the sun under the shade of a spreading tree 24 broker founded the new York stock exchange. Where the tree grew, now wall street.

1805 – in Bonn premiere of the Kreutzer Sonata” of Beethoven.

1846 – the Belgian Adolphe sax patented the saxophone.

1861 – at London’s kings College was the first publicly demonstrated color photograph, taken by the method of the Scottish physicist James Maxwell (1831-1879).

1916 – in England, the first in the world made the transition to summer time.

1943 – born Alexander’kiv, Soviet and Russian actor of theatre and cinema.

1944 – liquidation of Crimean ASSR. In one night on may 18, about 200 thousand Crimean Tatars were deported from Crimea to settle in the regions of Central Asia, the Urals and the Upper Volga region.

1961 – born eniya Brennan, Irish singer and composer.

1963 – in Monterey (CA) is the first folk festival, which will feature Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger.

1992 company seven St. Petersburg artists-conceptualists “Here-and-there” digs in the round yard of Academy of arts square (6×6 m) and sows carrots “Malevich’s vegetable Garden”.

1997 – Paul McCartney was on the Internet 30 minutes to more than 3 million questions (world record).

2000 – in Copenhagen in the UEFA Cup final Turkish Galatasaray after a goalless normal and extra time beat Arsenal on penalties 4:1. For the first time in the history of one of the prizes in European football went to the representatives of Turkey.

The nameday: Isaac, Cyril, Maria, Nikita, Pelageya.

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