Scientists have found that the bed of the man dirtier nests of chimpanzees

Researchers from the US found that in the nest of a chimpanzee is much less bacteria than a human bed.

Вчені з&#039ясували, що постіль людини брудніше гнізда шимпанзе

While working, the researchers studied 41 socket chimpanzees in Tanzania, reports Rus.Media.

Experts have found out that the microflora in the homes of the monkeys is much cleaner than in the bed of the man. This is because the chimpanzee natural habitat. Your dwelling primates build the tree, and in appearance they are almost indistinguishable from birds ‘ nests.

We know that from the point of view of hygiene the right to sleep on the bed, however research has shown that the fecal, oral and skin bacteria in the bed of the man about 10 times more than that of a chimpanzee. In addition, in the nests of monkeys found only four of the parasite, which also proved to be harmless.

The secret of the purity of the overnight chimpanzee lies in its “disposability”. Apes bend and break branches, stacking them in a circle and spent the night in a newly built house, don’t go back. Instead, they prefer each time to build a nest again.

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