Salt-free rice diet: types and use

Бессолевая рисовая диета: виды и польза

Thanks to this product such as rice in the shortest time possible to lose up to ten pounds. You can choose hard or sparing diet.

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  • 1 Use rice diet
  • 2 Who can and who can not sit on the rice diet
  • 3 Types of rice diets
  • 4 Exit the rice diet

Have you ever noticed how the look of the inhabitant of Far East countries and South-East Asia? Thai, Chinese, Japanese. They are not only small and slim. One of the main reasons a good figure of the representatives of these countries is their diet. From childhood they are accustomed to a rather scanty food: rice with soy sauce. It is a kind of salt-free rice diet. It helps not to gain extra pounds and stay in great shape.

To paraphrase a popular hero of the series, say: “summer is near”, which means it’s time to prepare your body for beach season. Mono are considered to be very effective. For a short time they will help you to lose two or even five extra pounds and achieve a flat stomach. This will help you with a simple product – Fig. The first time will be difficult, will always pull for sweets or starchy foods, but you’ll get used to it and then with a smile you will remember how I suffered from some kind of biscuits or chocolates. Diet based on rice, will also help you to feel cheerful, full of energy.

Use rice diet

The value of rice is truly unique and to list the useful properties of this product can be infinite.

So focus on the most important. Rice contains such minerals as phosphorus, potassium, iodine and zinc. In one Cup of rice contains a huge amount of b vitamins.

It all depends on the condition of your hair and skin. And the rice will strengthen your nervous system and heart. Figure you will promote not only weight loss but also to cleanse you from toxins, to help strengthen your joints and muscles. Rice cereal will start your brain twice as fast. In addition, this product can cause allergic reactions.

Бессолевая рисовая диета: виды и польза

Use rice diet

Buy brown rice. Take black or brown. It contains a lot more utilities for your body than cleaned, polished. The energy value of a hundred grams of rice porridge – one hundred nine calories. So you will be able to eat it in large portions and at the same time to lose weight.

Some products will have to forget. This sweet, starchy, fatty, salty, cured. Bread and various sauces, ketchups and mayonnaise, salt. Meat should choose only low-fat. Can’t drink alcoholic beverages, black tea, and coffee.

Who can and who can not sit on the rice diet

Due to its properties, rice can be consumed every person. It does not cause allergies and swelling of the limbs. On the contrary, eating a lot of rice, you get rid of excess fluid in the body.

Those who turned forty and more, you know that the metabolism at this age is slowing. Therefore, the ability to grow stout and overweight is very high. If you have reached this age, you rice diet will save you from problems with excess weight. It helps cleanse your blood vessels will be removed from the body of harmful toxins. Diet will help restart your metabolism and lead figure in the previous form.

In addition, the rice diet beneficial to those who are experiencing pain in the joints (osteochondrosis), as well as in the spine. It will help to reduce the painful feeling in osteochondrosis. With salt-free diet you can forget about this trouble. But to go on a strict diet in diseases of the digestive or gastrointestinal tract is not worth it without consulting a doctor.

Among other contraindications to the diet are problems with the cardiovascular system, and urogenital system. If you suffer from constipation or stomach cramps, is also best diet to wait until you recover.

Бессолевая рисовая диета: виды и польза

Who can and who can not sit on the rice diet

Women who are preparing to become mothers, and nursing mothers with any diet you need to wait. So women now have to care not about their excess weight.

The types of rice diets

Even with that, it seemed a simple product like the pic, you can come up with several variations of diets.

For example, the mono-diet. On it, as you know, have to eat only rice. If you think this is hard, pick soft rice diet. It is permissible to eat and other products.

The main thing you have to remember: the diet should be salt-free and no sweeteners. There is also such a diet, which is called the “five volumes”. But about all under the order.

Rice mono-diet
This diet is only good for three days. The menu has only one product – rice. Moreover, in very small quantities: only one Cup of rice. During the day you need to distribute it to eat equal portions for three meals. To wash down the rice can not only water, but green tea. If was very hard, you can eat one or two apples. But no more. Drink water and green tea in unlimited quantities.

Repeat this diet is recommended not more often than once a month. If you are afraid that will not stand three days, you can begin to set up in advance. For example, once a week to arrange a fasting day.

This implies that the whole day you will eat one rice. On this day, eat every two hours, a hundred and fifty grams of boiled rice. In between meals drink water or green tea – one glass at a time.

How much you can lose during these three days depends on many individual factors. But, on average, a woman sitting on the hard rice week can lose weight one kilogram per day. These days it is better to physically not load. Remember, when you start to cook the rice, you have to change the water several times. So you will remove all the harmful substances that are left on the rump.

Diet “five volumes”
For this diet you need five liter jars. Take two-three tablespoons rice. You have to smother them in one of the cans. Pour boiled water and leave in a cool place for a day.

The next day rinse the rice and pour it into the second jar. And so you will need to do three more times until the rice will not appear in the fifth Bank. First Bank bury new batch of rice. And peresypi it so that the previous Bank was not empty. On the sixth day get this pic and put it in a bowl. To eat it without the sauce, salt and oil. Drink is also not necessary. This will be your Breakfast. For lunch, eat something low-fat and low-calorie, like meat, sauteed vegetables or fish.

Бессолевая рисовая диета: виды и польза

The types of rice diets

On this diet you need to stay for two weeks. During this period you will be able to lose seven to nine pounds. For reviews, if you hang in there another two weeks, then over the next six months, the form will remain the same. You can even eat various harmful products.

Rice diet. Soft option
If you can not afford such a rigid diet, then try a soft option. Within seven days you will eat not only rice but also vegetables, fruits and dairy products. How much you need to eat rice?

A pound a day. Allocate it throughout the day as you’re comfortable. This week you will be removed four to five pounds from their sides. Of fluid these days you need to drink water, green tea, juices (not store-bought) or fruit drinks.

Your food divided into three meals. In each of these three times you need to eat one plate of rice. In addition, in the morning, eat one single vegetable, or single fruit. Afternoon and evening prepare a vegetable broth and vegetable salad. Salad and cereal are allowed only olive oil. No more than one tablespoon. For variety, rice can add a bunch of greens – parsley or dill.

Well as flavoring or spice, like cinnamon. Allowed dried fruits. A day in the afternoon boil fish fillet.

Diet “two dishes”
In addition to the rice, second course is fish or other seafood. Fish should be either boiled or steamed. Will have to eat only twice a day. One is rice, the second only fish.

The sequence can be alternated. To stay on such a strict diet have five days. Only drink water and tea. This simple diet promises to remove up to five pounds.

Rice diet American
This diet was invented by doctor Walter Kepner. According to his method, the main diet should be rice. On the day of his need to eat two or three hundred grams. No additives like salt, sauces. To eat products have not more than two and a half thousand calories. But rice allowed dried fruits, beans, vegetables. But fruits and fruit juices should not be consumed. The rice must be white.

To sit on such a diet is possible only with the permission of the doctor and only under his control. Since this diet is not very rich in vitamins, needs to take a special course of multivitamins. It is designed for two weeks. It is possible to lose three to five pounds.

The nine-day rice diet
This diet was invented by the nutritionist of Russian stars of show business Margaret the Queen. For them, the doctor is recipes weight loss. In addition, she shares the secrets of how to lose weight and “mere mortals”.

Is this diet that in addition to rice, diet days to eat vegetables and chicken. Moreover, the meal is divided into three phases. In the first three days during the day, you eat only rice, from the fourth to the sixth one hen (kg per day), and in the final three days your diet will be vegetables. Eight hundred grams of vegetables need to eat raw or boiled.

The output of the rice diet

From anywhere, including rice diet, should go carefully and very cautiously. To break and the first day after the diet eat everything strictly prohibited. Not only that, so you nevelesi all your hard efforts, but also harm their health. To add to the diet of foods should gradually. One product a day. Meat and bakery products, save it. The first foods that you should add to your diet are dairy products. First, add a Cup of yogurt, then a bowl of cottage cheese. Small portions will help your stomach again to focus on the change of food.

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