Review of Clutch: Samsung Gear Sport

Обзор от Clutch: Samsung Gear Sport

Testing of the most relevant applications and functions of smart watches Gear Sport from Samsung.

Обзор от Clutch: Samsung Gear Sport

Olesya Bobrik, special.Q. Recently in sale new smart Gear Sport watch from Samsung in which the developers tried to achieve the perfect combination of style and versatility.

This gadget was in my hands for a fair test throughout the week. My main goal was to understand how well smart watch Samsung Gear Sport cope with their functions and whether to spend 8 999 hryvnia.

Because Samsung products have always been my favorite on the market of production equipment (forgive me the owners of Macbook and iPhone), it was quite interesting to find out what the developers of the company decided to surprise its customers this time.

Обзор от Clutch: Samsung Gear Sport

With regard to the appearance of smart watches Gear Sport developers Samsung, in my opinion, managed to achieve the perfect balance of sport and business style. I got the gadget in black color, so I quietly enjoyed for hours, not only during workouts and shopping trips, but also complement their office images.

But about all under the order. Box with smart clock Samsung Gear Sport was equipped with a charger with a convenient stand, user’s manual in different languages, a warranty card, additional strap and, in fact, by the gadget. Of the visible controls in the striking the “Home” button and “Back” microphone, heart rate sensor, a screen and a rotating ring that allows you to navigate through menus and to navigate through the system.

In the description of the smart-hours of Gear of the Sport, it was stated that they are water-resistant. “Well, challenge accepted!”, I thought, and went to take a shower together with a new gadget. To expose developers Samsung fraud I did not succeed. Water does not affect work hours — I just wiped them with a dry towel and went about their business. If you like to wear a watch in the morning and not to shoot during the day, Samsung Gear Sport will easily cope with this task. Even if you decide to take a bath or play in water Polo.

Now I will tell a little about the possibilities of smart watches Gear Sport, what for you read this review. They are pretty simple, but to Tinker with their inclusion I still had. Just note: don’t neglect the statement that goes in every package box with a clock. To my shame, to include this gadget I tried for 20 minutes. I just decided that I would be able to cope with the smart clock without a user manual and all related.

Обзор от Clutch: Samsung Gear Sport

In fact, it all happens much faster. On the phone you need to download Samsung Gear and through it to synchronize it with the smart clock. By the way, the synchronization process takes no more than a couple of minutes. Next, set the time, select the interface, customizable comfortable brightness and get acquainted with the functionality of a smart watch Samsung Gear Sport.

All notifications that come to your mobile phone, safely viewed on your watch. In addition, the gadget shows weather, measures the number of steps and even of floors you climb, counts how many calories you burned, measure heart rate…. That is, all the developers Samsung Gear Sport functions work, and they work great.

I was also pleased with the presence of “awareness training”. For example, when I suddenly started to run, trying to catch the last bus home, watch have understood that I switched to running. When I switched to quick step, the smart gadget I was praised and urged to continue in the same spirit.

Обзор от Clutch: Samsung Gear Sport

In addition to sports functionality in smart-hour Samsung Gear Sport and the player. And despite the fact that the internal memory is small (only 4GB), music for Jogging it will pull no problem. But since the headphone Jack is missing in hours, while the wireless “ears” I have not had time to buy, music I listen to and failed.

Among other things, the device accommodates widgets such as reminders, alarm clock, calendar, quick news, world time and so on. In fact, the content of smart-hours of Gear of the Sport is almost identical to the content of the phone, and something even better.

In General, all applications of a smart watch Samsung Gear with Sport function well. But I still noticed a slight error of the step. So, for example, while washing dishes, my device for some reason decided that I’m going somewhere and I counted steps.

To briefly sum up my week-long test of smart watches Samsung Gear Sport, I came to the conclusion that this gadget will be very useful for people who exercise regularly and for those who have a sedentary lifestyle.

One of the features of the smart watch, which qualitatively distinguish them from fitness bracelets — the function of communication. For example, if you go shopping and forget your cell phone, all the notifications that you it will come, will be broadcast on a smart watch. It is very convenient!

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