Pumpkin seeds: benefits and harms

That pumpkin is useful to know, perhaps, everything. Moreover, useful not only for the fruit itself and the seeds. There are three types of pumpkins. It’s fodder, ornamental and those that are recommended for food use to us humans. To call this a pumpkin – dining room.

Гарбузове насіння: користь і шкода

Originally this bocheva culture from America. And met people with it many centuries ago. The ancient Aztecs used different parts of this plant in your diet. For example, they used not only the fruit, boiled and ate the stems and flowers young. Special attention was paid to seeds. Because thanks to them, managed to cure more than one disease.

The composition of pumpkin seeds

When viewed in the pumpkin seed amount of human activity of substances, the greater part of them are fats. 100 g of this wonderful and delicious product about 50 mg. the Next step refers to the quantitative composition, is proteins. Their slightly more than 30 g in 100 g dried seeds. 6 grams is dietary fiber. Of 5.23 g of water. Carbohydrates, about five grams. And almost the same amount of mineral substances.

If we talk about the amino acids, pumpkin seeds 12 essential and 8 are interchangeable. Most of those present almost completely satisfy the daily need of ours. And for this, you will need to eat just 100 g of seeds.
The B vitamins are represented, we can say, all your next. And vitamin PP in pumpkin seeds (100 g) of 14.59 mg that provides our body by 73%.
Many micro and macronutrients needed to support important functions in the human body, also have pumpkin seeds a champion in many respects. For example, phosphorus in the seeds of the pumpkin – 1233 mg (in 100 g). And it provides our bodies with 153%. A little less of magnesium (592 mg). It’s 148% of the daily requirement for an adult.
But breaking all records manganese. Only need 50 g of dry seeds to the organism was provided by this component is 100%.

Гарбузове насіння: користь і шкода

A large amount of potassium in pumpkin seeds (809 mg), iron (of 8.82 mg), zinc (7,81 mg). Other components, and less important, make pumpkin seeds a useful and effective means for maintaining the functioning of the human body.

Useful properties of pumpkin seeds

The study, conducted by scientists from different countries, prove the use of pumpkin seeds in the fight against this terrible disease like cancer. Due to its composition, this product enhances immunity, lowers so-called bad cholesterol.
Inflamed joints also respond with appreciation of her recovery, the patients are administered in the diet of pumpkin seeds. Some existing components in the seeds are very effective in combating arthritis. In contrast to medical treatment, they do not have side effects.
Another issue can be solved thanks to the pumpkin seeds. Zinc, which is abundant in this product, and naturally helps restore bone density and thus prevent osteoporosis.

Very useful pumpkin seeds for men.

Although the exact mechanism of this beneficial effect on the prostate has not been studied, but those men who prefer pumpkin seeds, very pleased with the positive results. And such disease as benign prostatic hyperplasia is unknown to them.

Cucurbitina substance that is completely harmless to humans, is an excellent tool in the fight against parasitic worms. Therefore, the seeds can be taken for treatment, if worms are still detected. They are shown and for the prevention of such diseases.
Women too should not refuse the pleasure to eat pumpkin seeds. Thanks to them, the hair will be more beautiful, but the skin retains its youthfulness longer.
For kids this product affects not only firming, but also as a sedative.

Using pumpkin seeds can blood sugar return to normal, and will cease to disturb high blood pressure. To have strengthened vessels, and will be back to normal digestive system.
Some substances, which abound in these small, but very useful seeds are on the human body, as antidepressants. Therefore, eating a handful of pumpkin seeds, you will always be in a good mood.

Damage pumpkin seeds

And yet, taking the seeds and settling comfortably in front of the TV, you have to remember that the ideal products do not exist. Especially if you do not control their use.
Pumpkin seeds are no exception. If they are too many to eat, it can cause exacerbation of gastric ulcer. Increased appetite can also lead to the accumulation of salts in the joints. That will lead them to real estate.
The enamel on the teeth easily damaged if to chew seeds, and do not clean some other way. You can buy already peeled. Just before use, slightly dry them in the oven. About 10 minutes. This measure will protect from harmful microbes.
Another problem is the calorie content of pumpkin seeds. Indeed, in 100 g of this wonderful and useful natural product – 550 calories. This, of course, a luxury for those who are trying to lose weight.
If you know the measure and to treat pumpkin seeds with some caution, they will surely bring your body many benefits. First of all, it depends on you.

Be healthy!

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