PrivatBank presented the payment bracelet with unique sensors

No one will be able to use the bracelet, except for the owner.

ПриватБанк представив платіжний браслет з унікальними датчиками

PrivatBank together with the Ukrainian startup MAWI Solutions, a developer of biometric bracelets, provided the payment bracelet MAWI Pay, which you can use to pay for goods and services without contact.

About it writes Rus.Media.

ПриватБанк представив платіжний браслет з унікальними датчиками

The device works on the basis of contactless payment technology Mastercard. So his owner can pay for any products, simply attach the bracelet to the payment terminal.

Recognition of the owner of the bracelet is occurring with an electrocardiogram. So, if the device is worn on the hand of a stranger, he will not be able to pay. Because the bracelet will not be able to identify it and disable the function of payments.

According to the developers, the definition of the individual ECGs can be compared with the accuracy of fingerprints. Thus, it is possible not to be afraid that in case of loss or theft of a bracelet, someone will empty the account of his present owner.

“We have done a lot of research to be sure that the ECG is a unique biometric identifier. Our algorithms are trained to identify with high accuracy the person with only a few heart beats. The recognition quality is affected neither by physical activity nor changes in the age of the person, no stress” -Ron Freedman, CEO of MAWI Solutions.

PrivatBank and Mastercard worked on the creation and integration of payment solutions.

The prototype bracelet was presented on the international exhibition 2018 FinovateSpring in San Francisco. Soon technology will be doing in conjunction with Swiss researchers from the Idiap Institute in Martigny.

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