“Pour one”. What happens at Gorlovka, where intensified fighting, killing soldiers and civilians

Separatist media reported that the APU in the suburbs of Gorlovka lost nine military, five injured. In OOS information is not confirmed.

"Насипаємо взаємно". Що відбувається під Горлівкою, де загострилися бої, гинуть солдати і мирні жителі

In the Donbass continues worsening. The parties accuse each other of shelling and ceasefire violations, reports Rus.Media.

The headquarters of the Operation joint forces, said that over the past day in the Donbas killed two Ukrainian military. Positions of AFU were fired 66 times in the districts of the Town, Novozvanovka, Troitsk, Lugansk, Svetlodarsk, Novoluganskogo, Maori, Experienced, Water, Lebedinsky, Shirokino.

The separatists say the shelling by the Ukrainian troops. APU blamed the shelling of the Donetsk filtering station and the outskirts of Gorlovka. In the latter case, as stated in the “DNR”, there are victims among civilians: killed a woman born in 1982.

In addition, on Saturday, in “DNR” declared that the Armed forces of Ukraine tried to take a new position on Gorlovka direction, which resulted in the alleged nine Ukrainian soldiers were killed and five were wounded.

“The Ukrainian military forces to two platoons tried to leave the village South in the direction of the nikitovsky district of Gorlovka, but was stopped, then retreated and lost one of the heights to the South of the village of Chigiri,” – said in Donetsk.

However, on the Operations page, combined forces Facebook info about the victims in the Donbas may 12, is missing.

“The situation in the area of operations of the combined forces remains difficult and controlled. Active fighting continued in all directions. The Minsk agreement was violated 50 times, including 19 times with the use of heavy weapons”, – stated in the message.

"Насипаємо взаємно". Що відбувається під Горлівкою, де загострилися бої, гинуть солдати і мирні жителі

At the headquarters of the environmental protection unit APU had indeed committed several attacks in the direction of Gorlovka, Mariinka and the village of Zholobok.

“In the direction of Gorlovka was carried out a RAID in order to retake the height from which the separatists were constantly shelled our positions. In Zholobok in Luhansk region and Marinka Donetsk region, our units attacked the enemy. This was done to eliminate extended the strongholds of the separatists. Marinka and Grooves we were able to push the locomotive of the enemy near Horlivka RAID had to turn and move away from entrenched positions,” explained a senior officer of the armed forces.

“We really came close to Gorlovka, but it was the usual sortie to destroy the nose of the enemy. Team to gain a foothold there was not, we departed an hour later. During the attack we have one hundred and two “300” – seriously wounded. Then, when departed, two more were hooked. But nine dead is not exactly” – said the fighter units.

Over the past week the situation at the front deteriorated. The APU attacks, which involve attempts to eliminate forward of the strongholds of the separatists, more of a “show of force”, not the beginning of the offensive.

“No one seriously fixed on the repulsed positions. Go-time raids, with the preliminary barrage. Direct clashes there – when occupied the holding midfielder, where everything is already destroyed, and separ are moved to the rear. But as soon as the position of the separable that poured for us so that you have to step back. In turn, separ are too, then come back. We obstrelom – they leave. This continued for a week,” the officer told frontline brigade APU.

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