Nordic walking – the most effective fitness for the lazy

Скандинавская ходьба – самый эффективный фитнес для ленивых

If you ever been to Scandinavia, you probably noticed there, at first glance, strange people (often young) walking through the parks or along the coast with ski sticks. What if we say that this is no ordinary walking, and the most effective modern type of fitness?

Each morning, participants in the fitness round of Naftusia, with the assistance of the SPA-hotel Fifth Ocean in Truskavets, aimed not only at weight loss, but to detoxify the body, begins with a super-efficient activity — Nordic walking.

Скандинавская ходьба – самый эффективный фитнес для ленивых

The Scandinavians not bad advise, the bad example does not show is the annual ratings of the most prosperous countries and the most happy people of the world proof! And so, first, let’s see what kind of walk is this, and how it is so loved by the inhabitants of the Nordic countries.

We are talking about Nordic walking. In short, this is the perfect kind of fitness. If you dig deeper, it is a kind of walking with specially designed sticks, reminiscent of a summer training of skiers. It should be noted that this type of physical activity there are several names that explain the place of its appearance: the Finnish walking, Nordic walking, Nordic walking or Nordic walking.

Скандинавская ходьба – самый эффективный фитнес для ленивых

Nordic walking is a kind of activity that is suitable for almost everyone

The first walking sticks were used in 1940 the Finnish skiers to keep fit in the summer. However, it later emerged that it is useful not only professional athletes but also ordinary people.

According to the coaches, walking with poles has the greatest health potential. The fact that during Nordic walking uses more CPU muscle than, for example, when running or walking.

If you believe the experts, for the hours of practice Nordic walking, the body burns 700, which is equal to two hours of running at a speed of 7-8 km per hour. This is because the miracle-sticks help to relieve the body from a substantial fraction of its own weight. It can provide load reduction of up to 35% on the lumbar and leg joints.

In addition, walking with poles improves blood flow to internal organs, normalizes the function of the cardiovascular system, eliminates muscle spasms, improves coordination, suggesting the walk in the fresh air, without requiring excessive force. But the main advantage of this type of physical activity is that it can be enjoyed in any season, in any weather and at any age. Finally, Nordic walking practical: walking with sticks, you can run to your friend’s house, to see the sights or simply go shopping. The main thing – to find time for it in your daily life!

Скандинавская ходьба – самый эффективный фитнес для ленивых


The first and most important rule of Nordic walking – anything not to think. And it is sometimes very difficult. As regards the technique of execution, the right leg needs to go at the same time with the left hand, and left hand with right. Only movements should be more intense. The kick sticks hit the ground at an angle of 45°. The stronger swing arms, the wider pitch and more load and Vice versa.

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