Nikolay Tishchenko – 46! As star friends congratulated Auditor

Николаю Тищенко - 46! Как звездные друзья поздравили Ревизора

Today, may 17, his birthday celebrates the leading social reality of the New channel an Auditor with Tishchenko! Colleagues, friends and loved ones tell their personal stories about the birthday boy.

Anna Slurry, chief editor and host of the social reality an Auditor with Tishchenko

Николаю Тищенко - 46! Как звездные друзья поздравили Ревизора

Nikolay Tishchenko and Anna Slurry

“In a series of intensive shooting, and a large number of his beloved, but hard work, I often began to forget to pamper yourself and get more out of life and the best. Nicholas periodically reminds me that it is impossible to resist the temptation to try something new. And I’m not just about the food: enjoy some movie, go to a party to see, finally, with friends, leaving all things…

He always tells me the phrase: “Anna, you only live once! Why not?”. For this I am very grateful to him, and try to tell yourself it is the same when If not around. It turns out slightly worse, but nevertheless it turns out! He is always ready to arrange a spontaneous holiday to please not only themselves but also the people who surround him. Maybe that’s why when his employment and his status, he remains mischievous and generous emotions of a boy who knows how to enjoy life. And, at the same time, caring as a brother, friend and man.

And yet If there is an anatomical feature that many other “rays” around the eyes from laughing. And when nick laughs, I always think that these rays are very characteristic in my family. Kohl’s very often smiling, and it says its correct life principles.

It fascinates me how proud he is of his sons, and strongly encourages their development. He is always in touch with the eldest son, always on the phone. He organizes interesting events. Investing your time and your love. I wish the stake to his sons have become a real pride for his large and happy family.”

Lena Filonov, journalist post show the passion of the Auditor

Николаю Тищенко - 46! Как звездные друзья поздравили Ревизора

Nikolay Tischenko and Elena Filonova

“Nikolay Tishchenko I was familiar long before he became the leading project Auditor with Tishchenko. Never ceases to amaze me how nick is a friendly guy. He’s always in a good mood, always pay attention to buddies. And a very reliable friend, what convinced one day entrusted him with a personal story.

At that time I really needed a man’s support, and nick was the man who was able to find the right words to encourage, to help. I am very glad that in my life a friend like you. And admire his wife Alla and their children.

In birthday I want to wish Cole the most important thing: eternal health and endless, sincere love and true friends. Let his life also be the person he can trust that I trusted him. Nikolay Tishchenko – a real, sincere and responsive. And for that, I love it!”.

Alla Baranovskaya, the wife of Nikolay Tishchenko, socialite

Николаю Тищенко - 46! Как звездные друзья поздравили Ревизора

Nikolay Tishchenko and Alla Baranovskaya

“I learn from my husband. It is for me an encyclopedia. Probably, does he know the history of the world by heart! (smiling — approx.ed.). He is my mentor in business, which I’m willing to debate for hours, to listen and to listen to every word. My husband was not behind influential parents or wealthy wives, as is currently fashionable.

He created his Empire from scratch by myself, and I such examples in our country do not know anymore! He is not afraid of any test. He has no barriers or obstacles, and in every corner of the world he can at least make friends with the Prince. I’m learning from openness, cheerfulness, determination! He goes up against anything.

A million times I would come home in tears from frustration, experiencing betrayal and deceit. Because the adult world is very cruel. And every time he gets my love of life, people and the will to fight. Learn now to never give up.

I wish you to realize your full potential. But it is unreal: you’re like from the future, anticipating everything! As long as you can stay like this! Love. Wife and son David.”

Sergey Pritula, leading projects, Hto zverhu?, Super intuition, the passion of the Auditor

Николаю Тищенко - 46! Как звездные друзья поздравили Ревизора

Mykola Tyshchenko and Serhiy Prytula

“Once I see the program Stars under hypnosis, where Kolya entered into a state of hypnosis. He gave up something and inspired that it was his little child who was born to him. It was then that I first discovered Nicolas Tishchenko completely on the other side! Usually he’s such a big, pumped up, confident alpha male. I would even say, yuppie! Man-rock: said — did. A real businessman.

And then, while watching, it turned out that Kohl’s just clay! Because the state of hypnosis it all the time Lisp with an imaginary child that just turned a picture of yourself upside the head. Indeed, inside every man lives a lot of tenderness. Just someone who carefully hides her.

Cole I want to wish forward motion and confidence! It has everything you need for a successful man — a business, a beautiful wife, lovely children and people who respect him. Let him have the strength to meet all reciprocity”.

Sergei Rebrov, the former player and coach of the Kiev Dynamo, ex-player of Ukrainian national team, the legendary striker

Николаю Тищенко - 46! Как звездные друзья поздравили Ревизора

Mykola Tyshchenko and Serhiy Rebrov

“Nicholas know for a long time. After all, he is just like all the people of Kiev, loves football and Kiev Dynamo. Sometimes I went to his team when played between athletes, but not the players – wrestlers, boxers. I remember I once scored a goal from a corner, surprising the other players. Nick was very proud of! (smiling — approx.ed.). We often smile when recollecting this story, reaction commands no one understood, as from a corner the ball could fly in gate.

Nick is a very outgoing and successful guy. And he was very lucky – with a wife, children. I would like to keep it the same as I know him – open, interesting to talk to… Everything he does attracts attention. I think the secret is that he never hides his emotions. I’m very impressed. Nick, stay the same!”.

Watch the video as Nikolay Tishchenko touched by all the warm words about the couple:

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